Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Morning roundup

Yoni Cohen has an interesting take on how the new RPI formula favors mid-majors and teams that travel. Fortunately BC has been a pretty good road team under Al. Our weak out of conference schedule is what hurts our RPI the most.

An new look at college point shaving. Guess which school was mentioned? I don't think 5% of games are fixed, but I do think unorganized shaving goes on more than the NCAA would like to admit.

While the Globe takes a break, the Herald has produced two BC features. Yesterday on finishing strong and today on Rice.

College Hoops Gazette likes our chances in the ACC Tourney.

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Andy Wolfe said...

I remember for a long time we were #1 in the RPI. That all changed eventually. My opinion is that the RPI proves very little. This also can go under my prooving with numbers spiel in the next post. If BC played Missouri State 5 times, BC would win all five. Then how is it that we're ranked 33 and Missouri State is ranked what? 17? ITs proposturous.