Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My bracket

This year is tough. I obviously want BC to win, think they can and have picked them to beat Duke in the Final. Yet nothing else in my bracket was easy to pick. In past years there were always a few teams that I liked. This year I’m getting bad vibes from all the possible contenders. UConn -- they are beatable and, as everyone has said, seemed unmotivated this year. Tennessee -- I love Bruce Pearl but they peaked a month ago. Villanova -- even if they weren’t in BC’s bracket I’d be nervous about Ray and how they ended their season. Memphis? Texas? Iowa? I don’t feel good about any of them.

Here are my picks

All the higher seeds advancing in the first round except for NC State, San Diego St, Seton Hall and Wisconsin.

Sweet Sixteen
Nova, BC (of course), Oklahoma, Georgetown, UConn, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Memphis, Gonzaga, UCLA, Kansas, Duke, LSU, Iowa, Texas

Elite Eight
BC, Oklahoma, Duke, Texas, Illinois, UNC, Kansas, UCLA,

Final Four

BC over Duke

So I have three ACC teams in the Final Four. Highly unlikely, but nothing else felt right. It is all a crap shoot anyway.

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Jay said...

This is BC we're talking about. I have the same final game as you, except I picked Duke by 3 over BC. Seems much more "BC"-like for us to lose to Duke for the 3rd time than to finally beat them.

Alex L. said...
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Alex L. said...

Actually, what would be more BC-like would be to lose, again, in the 2nd round. However, being a homer, I must fight that tendancy and I have them making it to the Elite 8, where they lose to Florida, ala 1993-94.

Meaghan said...

It's Thurs a.m. and I am nervous already. This might be a long tournament. I really hope we don't blow it classic BC style...

I knew I should have blocked out my calendar for the early afternoon- someone has already scheduled a meeting from 1:30-2:15- the nerve! Anyway, GO EAGLES!