Monday, March 13, 2006

Tourney tidbits

Here are some early tidbits on the NCAA Tournament

Only one 4 seed has won the National Championship.

Only seven 4 seeds have made the Final Four over the last 20 years.

BC’s offensive showing in the ACC Tournament boosted our ranking. According to Kenpom we now have the 5th most efficient offense in the NCAA. The flipside is that the great days that Duke and UNC had pushed our defensive ranking to 100. Pacific is 58th offensively and 73rd defensively.

Dodd, Vitale and Phelps, picked BC to advance to the Final Four. A slew of other experts (including Katz and Forde) are hedging with a “don’t be surprised if BC makes it” statements. BC’s own Bob Ryan came out and said this team will make the Sweet 16. Frankly this makes me sick to my stomach (with nervousness, not disgust). I tend to bet against conventional wisdom and right now the bandwagon is pretty full.

Here’s a quick capsule on Pacific from USA Today.

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