Friday, April 21, 2006

Thoughts on the news

Most regular readers saw the following articles. Here are my thoughts on each topic.

Crane’s profile. Crane gets his first feature in one of the two big papers. Nice story. BC is pretty thin at QB this year. I hope for our sake that he doesn’t have to play this year.

Bill Coen is filling his Northeastern staff with a bunch of BC guys. It would’ve been nice to see Uka comeback to the Heights. Next time there is a coaching change at the Heights there are going to be a lot of BC alums in the running (Barros, Adams, Pearl, O’Shea), not to mention Coen and Cooley.

Al filled his staff with Mo Cassara and Preston Murphy. Both seem like good hires…Cassara especially. He will help rebuild the New England recruiting base and as a former head coach and son of a coach, he should have a good sense of in-game strategy.

The Spring game is this Saturday. I am pressuring Old Man into going and taking pictures. Check back in on Sunday to see if he delivered.

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