Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Draft Day and other news

Tonight is the NBA Draft. Despite suffering an injury in the 'Nova game, Craig Smith is expected to be selected. Craig is undersized, but I like his pro prospects. I think his game is most similar to Corliss Williamson, who had a solid career as an NBA role player. Smith runs the floor better than Corliss did but does not have the mid-range shot that "Big Nasty" had. Craig could be great coming off the bench for many teams and can give a coach minutes at the 3 and 4 spot. Best of luck to Cookie Monster.

According to this article, Smith could land with the Pistons late in the Second Round.

This article lists Smith as the "sleeper" of the Draft.

Blogger David Glenn has another thorough piece on ACC talent as it relates to the Draft.

Switching gears to football, The Sporting News ranked the ACC stadiums. Alumni finished 10th. So far I've only been to Georgia Tech, Clemson and Wake. Clemson is in a league of its own, but Alumni is a better experience than the other too.

Here is an article on summer commitments. BC only has four at this point, but I expect the number to increase once camp closes.


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