Friday, August 25, 2006

Another ATL QB? Another BC blogger and other links

With Simms going off to Louisville, BC is looking elsewhere for another QB and it looks like one of the places they are scouting is Metro-Atlanta. Local product Lee Chapple is getting interest from BC. Like Applegate, he is a late bloomer playing for a power program (GAC annually sends kids to DIA schools and has the state's top RB). He may not be as well-known as Simms, but I think he would be a solid signing.

There is another new BC blogger out there. TWood, who is well known to many message boards readers, started a BC Basketball blog earlier this summer. Welcome to the club, T. As always I wish him the best of luck and while BC basketball is not as emotionally draining as BC football, there will be times where TWood's new family will need our prayers for his sanity.

Jeff Smith cracked the two deep and got a little pub from his local paper.

Here is an update on CMU.

The USA Today published its ACC Overview.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer named recent recruit Nick Schepis the 3rd best player in their area.

Brian St. Pierre fights for a roster spot in Baltimore.


Alex F. said...

Have you gotten to see Chapple play?? Farrel said he's "probably not D1 material" but I doubt he's ever seen the kid. The Auburn thing is new so hopefully he's improved his stock some.

ATL_eagle said...

I haven't seen Chapple play. Farrel has been talking out of his ass for seven years. Why listen to what he has to say now?

Alex F. said...

Good point. When I asked before he didn't have any interest from big-name programs aside from us but if Auburn is sniffing around the kid is probably worth a look after all.