Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bad hair days and other links

Last week a few of the guys shaved and died their hair into Mohawks. Now the first photos are leaking out. I kind of like the look.

Seperated at Birth: WWE's Viscera and BC's B.J. Raji

I've been critical of the Globe's lack of coverage. Tuesday they finally stepped up to the plate. Vega published three articles and two were listed as web exclusive. Creating unique content for Boston.com is very encouraging. Here are the articles: a Sheridan feature, a story on the Freshman, and a write up on Whitworth.

While this push is exciting, it still showed one of my frustrations with BC coverage -- the papers covering the same story. Part of this is inevitable. On a sports beat only so many things happen. However, sometimes it feels like BC shapes the story by making certain players available. So you get a Freshman story in the Herald too. The Herald also featured this article on our big boys.

Jeff Smith continues to get attention locally.

Smith isn't the only one getting written up by his local paper. The Providence Journal published this article on Jamie Silva Tuesday.

Former BC star Antonio Garay is still hoping to make the Bears final roster.

Here is a little something on the Gionta brothers.


flutie22phelan20 said...


Love the pictures and the immovable forces we'll have this year in the middle.

A small request: is there any way you can put a link to TWood's blog on the righthand portion of your page? It may already be there, and I overlooked it, but I don't think so.

Thanks & keep up the great work.

ATL_eagle said...

Added. It is under ACC blogs.

Jaime Lannister said...

Given his passing resemblance to Paul Bearer, I think Spaz is qualified to manage Viscera and the rest of his blonde-hawked stable. I can just hear Super Mario Spaz intoning in a quavering falsetto, "ooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeessssss....I will play a 50 yard cushion, we will bend, but we will not breaaaaaaaak!"

Those mohawks look badass. If we could only get more guys to start wearing mirror shields, we'd be home free.