Thursday, August 31, 2006

BC-CMU preview

I am breaking out a new format for my previews. Last year’s attempts at predicting what BC would do became trite (to me at least) by November. We’ll see how long this format lasts.

Theme that won’t be discussed on television. This could serve as Brian Kelly’s audition for the BC job. Yes it is the longest of long shots, since TOB is not leaving Chestnut Hill any time soon. But if CMU were to hang with us and go on to a winning season, people would take notice. We will search a conference like the MAC for our next coach. With a few winning seasons, a Mass native like Kelly would certainly be on the short list. And if (God forbid) CMU beats BC, look for some BC fans to try to hire Kelly on Friday.

Three simple keys:
1. BC needs to get to the Quarterback(s). CMU’s QB situation is a mess. BC can make it worse by putting all of their passers on their respective backs. Yet our defensive line is untested. This should be a good opportunity for them to prove that they can fill the void left by Kiwi.

2. Pass effectively. Ryan likes to sling it and CMU is undersized at Corner. He needs to stretch the field and get all the guys in the mix. This should also be a good opportunity to see which of the reserve WRs and Tight Ends want and can step up.

3. Ryan Ohlinger needs to impress. The guy is a headcase. He has the leg. Let’s see him get off to a good start and carry it through the season.

Gambling notes.
-- TOB is 6-3 in openers.
-- CMU hasn’t won an opener since 2002.
-- TOB is 11-11 against the spread as an Away Favorite.
-- BC is 3-1-1 against the spread vs. current MAC schools.
The current line is BC-13.5.

What would be a pleasant surprise? A controlled scrimmage where BC puts up 40+ points, plays the second team and hold the Chippewas to 14.

What would be a letdown? A narrow win.

What would be a shocker? A loss. This team and this schedule has so much upside. A loss…I don’t even want to think about it.

Bottom line
I think BC wins. It won’t be as pretty as I would like, but I think the defense plays well, I think Raji will have a big day and I think Ryan will throw for 200+ yards.

Final Score: BC 34, CMU16.


Option Right said...

Phew! At least according to you they cover. I was shocked to see the early line move from 13 (which I got) to 11.5.

ueatsoap said...

The correct prediction is: BC 24 CMU: 14

Also, Dan Bazuin sacks Ryan a total of 3 times...and takes him out of the clemson game next week.

Anabasis said...

Wow, that was a return to reality. Our defensive playcalling was terrible, offensive was far too conservative (that dump pass to Palmer on 3rd and 6 at the end infuriated me). I liked seeing Ryan slinging the ball downfield, and he definitely has to physical tools and poise to win a game on his own this year. Thank goodness Brian Kelly went to the Herm Edwards school of game management. I honestly can't remember seeing so many examples of gross incompetence in a single game. So if that was Kelly's audition for the BC job, he gets Jim Rome's manual buzzer.

The Great One did a great job in the booth, giving lots of detailed information without any of the slurping patronizing that is so prevalent in color commentary.

Bring on Clemson and their purple hordes.

Kirk said...

Great game. A little sloppy at times but hard fought. The hitting was strong by both squads.

Anonymous said...

It looked like CMU just wanted it more, and the BC defense looked terrible. Since it was a close game, does this go down as a letdown?

ATL_eagle said...