Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogger summer assessment: BYU

In the latest installment of the Summer Series, Chad from Cougar Corner gives us an early look at BYU. Check out his blog as the season approaches to get more information on the Cougars.

1. What is the one thing that all the experts have wrong about this year’s BYU team?

Cougar Corner: "Losing Todd Watkins to the NFL will hurt the Cougar's offense" -- Many analysts predict that John Beck will have a hard time without Watkins as a deep threat. This is actually a great thing for BYU to have in the press. It completely belies the fact that this years receiving corps is actually deeper and more talented this year.

2. The 3-3-5 Defense didn't seem to really stop anyone. What new wrinkles can we expect this year?

Cougar Corner: The 3-3-5 is actually a great scheme, with the right personnel. The Cougar's problem wasn't that the 3-3-5 couldn't stop anybody, it was the nearly dozen injuries the secondary suffered. With the lack of healthy personnel in the defensive backfield, the most important part of the scheme, the defense was incapable of stopping anyone. But, thats all a moot point. This year the Cougars are switching to a 3-4 to accentuate the depth at linebacker.

3. There seems to be a lot of "BYU is back" sentiment. Premature or not?

Cougar Corner: There is no question that BYU has suffered through a few down years. With Bronco Mendenhall at the helm there has been a an emphasis on a return to glory. Cougar fans realize that last year was not that return, however, most of us, myself included, feel like it was a step in the right direction and that if anyone is to lead us back to the forefront of College Football it will be Mendenhall that takes us there.

4. I am chalking up the BC-BYU game as a W. What do you expect?

Cougar Corner: Many fans feel that BC will be a tough game. I feel that it is a very winnable game, the hardest part of course will be the journey East. BYU doesn't have the best track record playing East of the Mississippi. However, the game last year at Lavell Edwards Stadium gives me confidence. I believe that BC will be disappointed in a close one at home.

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