Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Herald comes out strong, Globe barely covers Media Day

I was traveling Monday, so this is the first chance I’ve had to comment on Media Day. I’ll continue with previews this week and have a look back at past openers. Now onto the news.

After getting sandbagged with a story that featured Ramella and Glasper, the Herald came back strong with plenty of stories from Media Day. The Globe did not. Very disappointing. Mark Blaudschun filed the only story from the Globe and it was the usual “BC building respect” piece. Way to take a new angle, Mark. Also, in his notes section, Blaudschun adds his usual nonsensical speculation saying that Glasper is unlikely to be offered a fifth year after his injury. Is this guy paying attention? He claims it would be too risky. Clearly he didn’t run this by anyone on the staff. They have given plenty of less deserving guys fifth years. Glasper has been a long-time starter and stalwart. Sure he might be slow to recover from this, but if he can play, he will be back. Hell, I bet he would have been Captain this year. Where is Mike Vega when this nonsense is published?

Speaking of Captains, the offensive selections were not a surprise (Ryan and Beekman). However the Defense was a pleasant surprise -- Dunbar. With the most obvious candidate (Glasper) sidelined, the guys passed by more heralded players like Toal and Silva for Jolonn. Good for him. I think this is another sign that he is ready for a break out year.

The Herald included a feature on Beekman, a story on Giles shot at the big time, and the mind and body prep Ohlinger is going through.

One other note: bceagles.com really didn’t produce much content for this year’s Media Day. Let’s hope it was a temporary blip.

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flutie22phelan20 said...

The Herald has a great feature on Matty Ice today too.

After reading the article on Ohliger, I can't say I will be very confident next time he lines up for a big kick...or any kick for that matter. Yikes.