Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Season prediction Part I: best-case scenario

Last season I made three sets of predictions. One best-case, one worst-case and then one final, lock-solid, what will happen (which proved pretty accurate). With the season a little over a week away, I’ll reuse the gimmick again. The best-case scenario is a little tough since my real prediction is going to be pretty positive. If everything goes well the season could play out like this.

Best case scenario

At Central Michigan. Win. Despite some injuries and a flat summer, the team comes out strong in its opener.

Clemson. Win. Another classic between two evenly matched teams. Matt Ryan shows that he is the real deal and puts away fear of a second year starter slump.

BYU. Win. BC still proves too physical for the Cougars and controls the game throughout.

At NC State. Win. NC State cannot stop the most potent offense of the TOB era. BC runs at will behind Beekman and Cherilus.

Maine. Win. No giant killer moment for Maine this year. Crane gets his first extended time of the season and everyone goes home happy.

Virginia Tech. Win The Heights are electric as BC hosts a Thursday night game in a battle of Top 20 teams. BC wins and propels themselves to the Top 10 in both polls. Classes are lightly attended Friday.

At Florida State. Loss. Another close game, but like the year before, BC can’t hold on to beat the ‘Noles.

Buffalo. Win A nice bounce back game after the Florida State loss.

At Wake Forest. Loss Come on. Even in a dream season we lose this game.

Duke. Win. Duke is in for a long year. We don’t make things better for them.

Maryland. Win. A really tough game, but BC hangs on.

At Miami. Win. At this point BC is cruising and Miami is struggling in possibly Coker’s last season.

The two conference losses keep us out of the ACC Championship Game. However, our high ranking and appealing TV draw place us in the Chick-Fil-A/Peach Bowl against Georgia. TOB keeps his bowl win streak alive by beating the dogs and BC caps a really impressive year with an 11-2 record.

Check in tomorrow for the worst case scenario.


JBNC said...

I would say best case 11-1 regular season- concede loss to FSU but get a BCS at-large bid.

MattyR08 said...

Not to nitpick but if we don't make the conference championship we won't go to the peach bowl. i thought it was just about a guarantee that the loser of the title game would go there. however, i wouldn't mind a gator bowl bid against nd

ATL_eagle said...

The Peach now gets "second pick." I just think that if say Miami loses the ACC Championship game, I don't think the Peach would want them for the third year in a row. We all know it is not happening like this anyway.