Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lucky Number Seven

When putting together my predictions for the season and thinking about strong starts, one little factoid kept gnawing at me -- TOB’s not streaky. After a few losses he usually rights the ship. And he never seems to string together a bunch of wins.

Saturday BC has the chance to notch its seven-straight win -- a new record under TOB. This is the second time he has won six in a row. How does his streak of 6 compare to his peers? Here are the best streaks of ACC coaches at their respective ACC schools:

TOB -- 6 wins

Chuck Amato -- 9 wins
Frank Beamer -- 13 wins
Bobby Bowden -- 17 wins
Tommy Bowden -- 8 wins
John Bunting -- 5 wins
Larry Coker -- 24 wins
Ralph Friedgen -- 8 wins
Chan Gailey -- 4 wins
Jim Grobe -- 3 wins
Al Groh -- 8 wins
Ted Roof -- no consecutive wins

With the way the season is playing out TOB should extend his streak beyond 7 to 8 wins. We will be favored in both games. But with the way things have started, I don't think I should take anything for granted.


Deacon Drake said...

Given that statistically NCSt and UVA are clearly a notch below everyone else in the ACC (Duke doesn't count), I cannot see anyway that we lose. But here is to our wtf game!

Just of note: the ACC has 8 bowls to fill... right now I only see 7 teams, and that is with Wake Forest not collapsing like Vandy last year. There is no way that Duke, UVA, NCSt, or UNC can play well enough to get eligible, and Maryland and Wake are sub .500-talent teams that could sneak out enough wins.

Who knew the ACC was this weak?

Alex F. said...

Maryland has 3 OOC gimmes, with UVa and NC State also on the schedule, so they only need one more win for a bowl. Wake also has a W over Liberty in the bag, so they only need 2 more conference wins (1 if they beat Ole Miss). Interestingly enough those 2 play each other the last week of the season.

Even NC State might not be out of the picture yet--they're in dreadful shape now but they still play Wake, Virginia, UNC, and East Carolina; if they sweep those and pull off an upset they can go 6-6.