Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My annual NESN gripe

I almost went to the Maine game. Not because I have a burning desire to see us take on a DIAA team in person, but because it is not being televised. (I am also going to be in Westchester, New York for a wedding Friday. I wouldn’t have made the trip just for the Maine game. I am not that crazy.)

Now, plenty of schools don’t have all their games televised – especially against DIAA opponents. But how many schools have marketing agreements with companies that own regional sports networks? I would think that our relationship with the Red Sox and the Red Sox position at NESN, Fenway Sports Group could make this happen if they wanted.

NESN reaches homes in Maine. If the Red Sox wanted to build their partnership you’d think this would be a no brainer. Promote BC football. Promote regional sports. I know the costs are expensive but you can do it on the cheap and still get away with it. And if Gameplan picks it up, you recoup some of your costs before you sell a single ad.

So what is the New England Sports Network showing instead of Maine-BC?

NESN Schedule for Saturday, 9/30
1:00 PM On the Hook with David Sloan
1: 30 PM Divers Down (which is a rerun)
2:00 PM Northeast Journal (rerun)
2:30 PM Northeast Journal (rerun)
3:00 PM Northeast Journal (rerun)
3:30 PM Camo-country Television

Now I don’t have access to the ratings books in Boston, but I’d bet our game would out draw all of those quality episodes of Northeast Journal. Camo-Country is new broadcast and probably plays well in Maine, but I still think more people care about Black Bear football.

My advice: next time you see Gene ask him why NESN doesn’t come in and broadcast our home games not picked up by our national partners.

Displaced fans like me will just have to listen online.

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Professor89 said...

Hit the nail on the head with the NESN comment. Their lack of interest in BC football still baffles me. BC football is the most recognized local D1 program in their viewing area, BC has plenty of influence (especially through the alumni) in their viewing area, and on an afternoon like this coming Saturday, it's not like we're competing with a Red Sox game with playoff implications. I hope some BC grads ascend to the top of NESN's hierarchy and soon!