Friday, September 22, 2006

Weekend plans

This weekend we are moving. We're staying in Atlanta, but upgraded to a bigger house with more space for Mrs. ATL_eagle and Baby ATL_eagle. Perfect weekend for a night game. However, Sunday will be really busy and I probably won't have time to watch the game twice before I post my Grade Report Sunday night/Monday morning. So to make it up to anyone interested, I've decided to live blog for the first time. I've avoided live blogging in the past because I like to watch the game as a fan first. But this weekend is as good a time to try it as any. Check it out over on AOL.

Now wish my laptop luck. If the game is anything like our first three, there is a very good chance the laptop could get thrown out a window.

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Alex L. said...

Liveblogging. Awesome! Can't wait.