Saturday, September 23, 2006

WTF? 2006

Terrible, terrible, tough loss. Bad QB play. Bad special teams. Questionable play calls. We just let a first-time starter drive the field with less than a minute left.

Well there goes our special year. Our chance at the conference title just took a huge blow. TOB doesn't extend his win streak to 7. BC doesn't get off to its best start under TOB.

As I've said all week, playing these close games will cost you. Good teams put a team like NC State away.

The Athletic Department and some of the "all is well" folks wonder why people dislike and even hate TOB so much. This type of game is the reason. I've spent all summer wondering if he could ever break through. He can't. We will not win 10 regular games. We will not get to the ACC Championship game. We will waste the easiest schedule in BC history. We are looking at another 9 win season and a December Bowl that no one cares about.

I won't have my grades up until Monday morning. Go to AOL to reread the live blog if you enjoy pain.


flutie22phelan20 said...

My question is this:

What on earth is Tom O'Brien afraid of? He's been at BC ten years, he probably has more job security than 98% of coaches in the country...yet every game, he coaches scared. What the hell?

TRUST this team. They might be young, they might make a few mistakes, but they'll learn. My God, when you play not to lose, year after year, it's just painful to watch. For Mr. Disciplinary Marine, he has a shocking lack of confidence in the ability of himself and his players.

And, I can only imagine how irked I'll be tomorrow when I read in the paper which player he's decided to throw under the bus for this loss.

Zlax45 said...

I can't sleep over this loss

Option Right said...

I'm with zlax. I can't fall asleep. Thank GOD I didn't watch this game in a bar. I'd be either in jail or detox by now.

vhilt17 said...

Is there nobody else on campus that can kick a ball? We make that extra point, worst case is we are tied and going to OT.

Teams cannot win the close ones without a kicker.

At the risk of being a Sunday morning quarterback, with an arm like Ryan's and the receivers we have, why so much run?


Clem said...

Man, couldn't you guys have just given the Tigers that win. I mean c'mon, they lost to Akron!! WTF indeed.

Patrick Lane said...

Sign of the Apocalypse:
Rutgers is now ranked ahead of BC.

Time to start warming up TOB's seat...

Alex L. said...

Awful. Just... awful. If it wasn't so sad, I would be laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Until there is major leadership change in this program (either in TOB himself, or in a replacement) we will not rise above the 7-8 win seasons. Time to kill some kittens.

Deacon Drake said...

My girlfriend is convinced Ohlinger must be fellaciating TOB very well to retaing his kicking job. How much more evidence must the guy provide?

Oh yeah, for the record, that was the 3rd time in 4 years that BC has lost a game off a prayer-style play. Not to get down on the defense, but 2 winnable games against WF and now this crap... if Florida State or Tech were beating us down the field with their superior speed and athletes, all you can do is suck it up and hope the guy next year can do better. But to get beat by the teams and players we have, it makes you wonder what kind of fundamental mistakes we are making at the end of these games.

RokenEagle99 said...

Unbelievable! Ohligher is still the kicker??? The missed extra points cost us the game! Plus, if he thought he was such a good kicker, why didn't he kick a FG with a minute left?! TOB just can't get out of his own way, he makes poor decisions and we will never win a league championship with him at the helm.

BC coach Tom O'Brien said yesterday he intended to stay with Ohliger. ``I don't know what it is with the extra points, but the [29-yard] field goal [Ohliger made to give BC a 9-3 lead at halftime] was solid. He hit it right down the pipes."

IM Hipp said...

Look the 2 deep on this team is inferior. We are down 3 starters on D, teh second team guys do not cut it. Face up to it.

Yeah TOB is the most conservative dude out there. No defense, the4th and 1 play call was abysmal.

But look at #19 Andersen. Is he the guy who replaced Gasper? Where was he on the last play, the f'n 10 yard line with 15 seconds left? He let guys run by him. He is the g'd safety.

Terrible instincts, just terrible.

Players make plays.

Chili said...

An almost assured victory late in the 4th quarter is ripped from your hands and your hopes lay battered and bruised at your feet. Now you know what Sept 2 felt like to us.