Friday, November 17, 2006

TOB wants a raise

TOB wants more money. He hasn't said this publicly, but the signs are there:
1. According to David Glenn, TOB and/or his reps actively sought the UNC opening.
2. The Sporting News published a blurb earlier this season about his pay and recently referred to him as "mega-hot commodity" (excuse me, but since when?)
3. Vega produces a TOB is underpaid article in the Globe.

Who was the main source for all these things? TOB and/or his people. Now before we get into whether he deserves a raise or what might happen, let's clear up one issue -- TOB's total compensation is more than $733,626. Gene even said it is not an "accurate figure." In addition to salary there are other benefits like cars and endorsements (or in the past sending his kids to BC for free). But I will concede that he is behind other ACC football coaches in total compensation.

Does he deserve a raise? In my opinion: not yet. If he wants to be paid in the top half of the ACC, I say wait until he wins a conference title. He has been a good, but not great coach, at the Heights. Those type of employees can be valuable, but you don't throw raise after raise at them. TOB's comp has been quietly bumped up over the years. There is no reason to give him a big huge public raise until he accomplishes something big. (And make no mistake, BC could pay him more. We don't have the resources of a big state school but we could easily give him $500,000 grand more.)

What is TOB going to do if he doesn't get a raise? I think he will leave for the right opportunity. But fortunately for Gene and BC, those right opportunities are few. So Gene has leverage. UNC would've been perfect, but despite The Sporting News calling him "Mega Hot" the school went with Butch Davis. The only other gig currently available that might interest TOB and produce more money is Miami. And I just don't see the 'Canes coming after the old Marine.

Would Gene match a huge offer? A few years ago Frank Beamer nearly left Virginia Tech for UNC. The Heels offered a ton of money which VT ended up matching at the last minute. If TOB got a huge offer, I doubt Gene and BC would match. I could be out of the loop, but I just don't think there is a enough passion in the fan base to demand we keep TOB at all costs. If TOB left for more money, I think the majority of fans would wish him well but also be excited about a fresh face. And there has got to be part of Gene that would like to make one major hire at BC before he is done.

What do I think will happen? We'll end up in another no name bowl. TOB will get a small raise and no school will come after him.


Patrick Lane said...

I see him chasing a BC-like position (good academic school with a recognizable name). These would include Stanford, Washington, UCLA, and maybe even Penn State as a dark horse. I used to consider Army but I think that's a position that one of the cronies would take if there is regime change. Of the above schools I'd say UCLA would pay out the most enticing job, but then again I'm talking out of my butt.

Alex L. said...

I'd say Jim Grobe or Greg Schiano are much hotter commodities right now. The problem with TOB that I have been saying for awhile is he wins enough games to not get fired, but too few to want to keep him or give him huge raises.

Anonymous said...

TOB did pursue the UW job but didn't get it (thank goodness, I'm from Seattle). I was under the impression though that one of the reasons ND presented publically for firing Ty so soon was that he pursued the same job. I know this is all common practice, but if the students, alums, and fans are going to be tooled around like this, I'd rather it be from someone with real talent (and balls).