Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tobacco Road Woes

First let me get the congrats to Wake, Jim Grobe and their fans out of the way. The Deacs are legit and I hope they go all the way.

Now I have to ask: can we change the schedule or divisions so we don't have to play them every year? Terrible. Just terrible. TOB remains winless during the regular season in the state of North Carolina.

My takeaways are over on the Fanhouse.

Fortunately I have a really good life outside of BC sports, because these sorts of games are just so painful. I really thought we were going to pull it out -- and we didn't deserve to win. The debates are already starting on the message boards about who deserves the blame for this game. There is plenty to go around, but ultimately it is on TOB. Strategy wise Wake controlled. Composure, Wake controlled. Even talent, you could argue that Wake had the advantage. As far as the guys on the field, the WRs played really well. Ryan was gutsy, and made some great plays but also made two killer INTs. Offensive and defensive lines got dominated.

I'll watch the game again Sunday and have my grades and second thoughts up late Sunday or Monday. I hope I can sleep.


TRACY said...

Dear Eagle Fan - from a Deac fan

I am still kindof in shock that we came away with a win. The Deacs are just having a helluva season, that is undeniable. Every Saturday, I get all nervous and worried that finally people will start chanting overrated. I figured our ranking was the kiss of death, but we've survived 2 more weeks since.
I was disappointed with the Sportscenter coverage of this game, but if you are so inspired to check my brief analysis of the game as I saw it:

may your team have a good finish to the season.

Clem said...

Hey, you guys sound like Clemson fans! Welcome to the hell that is Wake Forest home games. unbelievable how it affects teams like that.

ryan from falmouth ma said...

you see this from chat?

Tom (Miami): What are your thoughts on the Wake-FSU game? What outcome would be considered an upset? Do you see the Noles fans getting fired up for this game?

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: (3:12 PM ET ) I was kind of surprised Wake Forest beat Boston College, to be honest. But nothing that Jim Grobe does surprises me anymore. Guy should be national coach of the year. He lost his QB, RB, LT and is still playing with inferior talent and depth, in my opinion.FSU has played better with X. Lee at QB. Got some big plays from defense and special teams against U. Va. Could be a trap game for the Demon Deacons, but Grobe will have them ready.

Todd Boston,MA: Mark seriously you really thought BC would beat Wake Forest?If you follow BC football,Like do I,you should of known this as of now.BC always finds a way to underachieve and choke under Tom O'Brien in big games.

SportsNation Mark Schlabach: (3:20 PM ET ) Come on, how many consecutive bowl games has BC won? Yeah, they probably should have beaten Wake, had all the chances in the world. I'd put it more on Ryan's inability to score in red zone, than O'Brien's coaching. The guy is a great college football coach.