Thursday, December 21, 2006

Anyone else as excited as I am?

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The honeymoon won't last forever but I am beyond excited right now. In his first 15 minutes this guy said so many things we've all wanted to hear. Hopefully Jags won over the Whipple faithful. The press conference just confirmed my belief that this is a good match. Now let's turn this passion into winning football.


HoyaEagle10 said...

Eagle in Atlanta,
I have been reading your blog for the past 3 months and I cannot say how much great insight you bring, and how much I love reading your opinions. I have been raised an Eagle fan since I was born, and as a student at BC, I have to say it is hard to find anyone who actually knows what they are talking about in terms of Eagle football, basketball, or just BC in general. Just wanted to finally join the "blogging" and letting you know some of my opinons as well. Thanks again.

I watched the press conference, and the first thing I noticed was how he talked with passion. He was excited to be at BC. He was excited about taking over the program. I never once saw Tom O'Brien excited off the field (and there were only a few times I saw him excited on it). I was one of those guys who wanted Whipple, but after seeing the press conference and reading about Jags, I am starting to like the hire. I will be interested to watch the Packers game tommorow to see what his offense looks like.

LKeagle said...

I am in the process of becoming a double eagle, but I grew up in Lawrence, Kansas (and I am currently home for Christmas Break). I watched Jag’s press conference live and almost fell out of my chair when Jag’s said “I want a kid in Kansas wearing a BC hat to be asked: ‘Are you a BC guy? Wow! You have a great looking football team!’” Does this guy know me????? I have been trying to explain how great BC is to my KU friends for years. Now I finally have a head coach that will back me up. Now I have a head coach that will sell BC as a national program. Now I might actually find good ole’ Midwestern Catholics that realize there is another catholic university other than Notre Dame. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard Jags say that. It was like he was speaking directly to me. I almost pissed myself (a few drops got away). Chills ran down my spine. I love this guy.

And yes, I will be in Allen Field House on Saturday. People around here are pumped for that game. My head is going to explode. I love BC athletics right now!

newsthatfits said...

Who cares about the negative spouting self indulgent Whipple faithful. Especially those that claim that they are only realists.

We apparently have a leader who can sell himself and in turn that means he can sell BC. He has a record as a teacher so he will likely hire those that can develop players. He is use to NFL game day complexity. He apparently is intelligent enough to hold over key staff for both continuity and because many are pretty good at what they do. If he truly has the budget to fill out the staff, the odds of breaking througth just increased.

GordonsLeftFoot said...

"We're gonna win and we're gonna look good doing it."

That pretty much sums it up right there. I was one of those people who was initially disappointed with the hire. But thanks to this blog, the reaction from his former players and the press conference, I am 100% on board. Gene D was right, his passion is contagious. In one of the articles I read this morning it said he was introducing himself to the custodians and saying hello to everyone on campus.

I'm already counting the days until the Spring game.

sammie said...

As I have said before, I want to be wrong. I was impressed with his enthusiasm. But again, I must caution, the most enthusiastic and charismatic coach I have ever seen was Dan Henning. You went to the football dinners and this guy made you feel like the National Championship was a step away.

Jags relationships with players seems to be great. The players loved his personality. The question will still be out there, until he proves otherwise-Can he put an operation together to be a head coach. Only time will tell. Still a big gamble.

You can also see where the push for the hiring came from. Big push from the Callahan kid. His father is a big shooter with Fr. Leahy. He chose to have his kids (2 hockey playing sons also) treated as walk-ons so that BC would have extra scholarships to give out.

Word now leaking out that Whipple was offered a contract, but insisted on complete autonomy with staffing decisions and did not want any of the present staff.

We can only hope that sometime your best choice is your second choice.


ATL_eagle said...

Sammie, your "Word now leaking" stuff doesn't really ring true. Jags contract was offered and finalized after the Sunday meeting with Leahy. Whipple never got the invite to campus.

Alex L. said...

I could be wrong, but my impression of Henning was that he couldn't have cared less about BC. He wanted a nice easy cushy job that paid well. All he cared about was his own personal comfort.

ATL_eagle said...

Henning also didn't have long relationships with his kids. He couldn't even get our Captian's names right.

Joe said...

Eagle Atlanta,

Gotta say how much I love this blog. You do a great job. As a new atlanta resident, I wish you would come to some BC alumni functions. Mike told me you don't come because you need to be able to concentrate on the game. Fair point, but it would be nice to meet another person with the passion I have for BC athletics.

I think Jags is giving BC what it has wanted for year - someone who will show a little emotion with regard to the program. Jags is someone who will get mad when BC gets screwed, happy when BC wins, and have fun either way. He will be able to guide the spirit that people feel for the program, rather than just ignore it like TOB. God bless TOB, but thank God for Jags.

sammie said...


Sorry you don't think it rings true, but it is fact. You are correct, Whipple never got the invite to campus, because the staffing issue came up immediately upon contract talks. Whipple had his staff ready to go it included one present BC staffer. Why do you think Gene, on his own, without prompting from reprters, brought up the fact that Jags can pick his own staff? Because he knew the reporters already knew what the stumbling block was with Whipple.

Bill, don't lump me into a Whipple guy. I am not. I thought he would be a good choice and far less of a gamble. I also get nervous when I see Leahy and his boys pushing decision points based on religion and family background. As president he certainly has a right to be involved, but by his own admission, when he got the job, he had no idea about the strong sports connection there was at BC and he has no idea about sports. When I see this Callahan kid show up at a press conference-and he is a very nice kid with a wonderful family-it tells you where alot of input for the decision comes from. I also don't have much faith in Gene, I think he has alot to prove.

Again, you were not at BC when Bill Flynn was there. He comanded respect from the college athletic world. The bowls would not be dropping us with Bill involved nor would 27-5 basketball teams be getting 4 or 5 seeds. But, Bill also erred in head football coaching decisions.

I'll get off your case. This guy has personality and passion. Obviously he has football knowledge. I hope he can translate that into head coaching.


ATL_eagle said...

None the wiser:

Let me explain, I skip the ATL game watches because I am really not fun to be around or in a talking mood during BC sports. For example on Thanksgiving, despite my warning to Mrs. ATL_eagle, she insisted that I watch the game at the friends of the family who we were having Thanksgiving dinner with. At about 20 minutes into the game I dropped my first F bomb of the night. Needless to say the In-Laws and my wife were not happy. I just kind of gave them an "I warned you" look. So it is best for everyone that I stay home. I still attend all the ATL non sports events like the speakers or wine tastings, etc.

sammie said...

By the way.

I am not an old "remember the good old days" eagle.

Got out of college in 1980. Didn't even go to BC (only one in my family that chose a different path), but have missed only 10 home games since 1960. I know the BC community pretty well.


Jamie M said...

Another Whip apologist here, and I gotta admit that I'm now psyched for Jags and the program. We've been mired in mediocrity and GeneD deserves credit for the gutsy call. He also deserves credit for essentially pushing TOB to NCState. We knew what we had w/ TOB (9-3 at best, 7-5 at worst) and with change comes risk, and GeneD is taking a huge risk here.

But you gotta love a guy who stays in contact with the players, janitors and parents. And you gotta love the enthusiasm. BC will be a whole new team next year and I bet the players can't wait for the spring. Its a new era at BC, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Angry Eagle said...

I, like Sammie, am not going to be snowed over by a press conference, and you guys are naive if you are. And unless and until Jags proves it on the field, I am not going to take back that I said about Whipple. I am a "Whipple guy" only because Whipple was the best candidate for the job. By far. When you compare resumes, accomplishments, personal and recruiting connections to the area, experience, it's not even remotely close. But as I have also said, just because they didn't make the right hire doesn't mean they made a bad hire. There are enough positives at BC, notwithstanding what the apoligists say, for any good coach to succeed at BC. I will root hard for Jags and I will root hard for BC. Let's see what happens, but let's not get carried away words at a press conference.

Alex L. said...

Angry Eagle:

I see your point, but you're kind of being a grouch. Let us get excited. There will be plenty of times next season for us to be disappointed about some outcomes (this is BC after all), so for the time being, I will bask in the euphoria of the press conference. We have until next September to come back down to earth.

Angry Eagle said...

I know, you're right. I am being grouchy. I'll get over it. As I said on my blog, I wasn't that fired up when they hired Al Skinner. Now I have love the guy. So I'm not ruling out a future "Jags Boner."

flutie22phelan20 said...

let's just say IF one of the reasons Jags got the job is because he was open to keeping members of the current staff...and Whipple didn't get the job, because he demanded his own staff of 1-AA guys, as rumored (and, I don't necessarily buy into this angle, but let's go with it anyway) is that a bad thing? We have a defensive staff that is pretty damn good, a team that is pretty damn good that needed a change at the top, and a new offensive philosphy. Well, looks like we're going to get both. It's not like Gene was forcing some stranger on Jags...they worked together for two years, and I'd be shocked if Jags keeps in touch with former players for 8 years, and falls out of touch with his fomer peers. Given the right staff, I'm excited about the direciton the Jags era could be heading in. He actually WANTS to be at BC, a change from the former coach.

ATL_eagle said...

I think you'll see plenty of new faces on Jags' staff and not many holdovers. This is his call, not Gene's.

BCGA said...

"I also get nervous when I see Leahy and his boys pushing decision points based on religion and family background. As president he certainly has a right to be involved, but by his own admission, when he got the job, he had no idea about the strong sports connection there was at BC and he has no idea about sports. "

I would be more concerned if BC had made a top profile coaching decision in the abscence of religious and family background.

No surprise that a Roman Catholic school, founded by the Jesuit order still considers religion as an important item on one's CV.

BC football really only became a national entity in the 1980's. Prior to that... match ups with other catholic schools such as Villanova and Holy Cross had as much to do with catholic family relationships than winning.

I think BC can find coaches that can win while at the same time reflect the Catholic heritage of BC.

Go eagles and Merry Christmas

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