Wednesday, December 27, 2006

AOL on the Packer problem and other links

I always want the best for BC, so I hope Jags and the Packers win this weekend. However, as I explained at the AOL Fanhouse, I want the Giants, Eagles and Cowboys to take care of their business and put this Packer playoff stuff to bed.

Here is an article on Jags and his boyhood friendship with Olympian Dan Jansen.

The basketball team is becoming the walking wounded. The Dudley loss really hurts but I think he'll be okay by the time he comes back. With Jared out, this is really Spears, Roche and Blair's time to earn minutes in March.

Duquesne's coach will miss Thursday night's game. He was hospitalized with an undetermined ailment.

BC helped sell out the Charlotte Bowl two years ago. We are not coming close this season, but 60,000 tickets is respectable.

Here is a feature on Spaz. I bet he stays on to coach with Jags.


Kevin said...

Any news on why Ohliger was suspended?

Zlax45 said...

Everhart was at Northeastern so he is a former local guy.