Monday, December 18, 2006 It's Jags

Looks like all the rumors are over and a credible news source is reporting that Jeff Jagodzinski is the new Head Football Coach at Boston College. Congrats to Jags. I like this hire and will pick all the different aspects apart over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Well, over at the Packer boards, the Cheeseheads are glad to see Jags go.

Perhaps Leahy's Wisconsin connection gave the nod to Jags. (Leahy was a big mucky muck at Marquette before he came to BC.)

Alex L. said...

These lines from the Herald article sum up my feelings about it pretty well:

"...Jagodzinki apparently impressed athletic director Gene DeFilippo with his ideas on formulating a staff, which could include some holdovers from Tom O’Brien’s coaching staff, possibly defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani, according to the source."

Really?! Jags' ideas are so novel, he wants to keep some TOB holdovers?

"Unlike Whipple, who led UMass to a national Div. 1-AA championship in 1998, Jagodzinski, 43, does not have head coaching experience."

All the more reason we should have picked this guy?!

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, Jags is a big proponent of zone blocking and the Pack's O Linemen weren't drafted with that in mind.

flutie22phelan20 said...

I sure hope this is a package deal with Spaziani returning at DC. Gene needs to ensure some sort of continuity, and minimize the risk of this hire--which I think to be greater than any other of the potential candidates.

My biggest problems with TOB were lack of offensive creativity (see Bible, Dana), and poor game preparation/management. I'd hope Jags will be an improvement in the former category, but with regards to the latter...he hasn't called a play/managed a game in 8 years. That does not inspire confidence.

Option Right said...

So does this mean we're doomed to another ten years of running draw plays on first, second, and third downs?

Anonymous said...

Sad hiring. Worst than Henning.

The fire TOB people will be looking back at the good old days pretty quickly.

This hiring plus a rumored 500-750 per ticket donation for season ticket holders for next year will really bring back the good old days attendence wise.

I hope I'm wrong about both, but my season tickets will not be renewed. That's 12 tickets which have been in the family since 1958.


Anonymous said...

Al Skinner please don't ever leave.

I don't even want to think of who is on Gene"s short list for b-ball.

Some Irish Catholic guy who immpressed Gene at a party when he was at Villanova, who's brother knew Fr Leahy at Marquette.

And we wonder why they dump on BC all the time?

ATL_eagle said...


What about Jags would make you give up your tickets before he even touched the field. Give the guy a chance.