Friday, December 01, 2006

Greetings from Jacksonville

Saw one Wake Forest fan today and wanted to cry. I know I should feel happy for them because Wake is proving what is possible, but I am still bitter about our missed opportunities.

Tonight TOB announced on his radio show that BC will never go to the Gator Bowl because we don't travel. I plead with all fans, regardless of what you think of him, to stop buying into that BS!! Wake Forest and Georgia Tech have poor travel reps yet both will be going to the Gator Bowl or an even better game because of WHAT THEY DID ON THE FIELD. Bowls are boondoggles to begin with and there are a variety of factors that go into which team plays where. But we play in a conference that has added merit to its consideration. Plus, the ACC Championship Game teams are exclusively based on what happens on the field. Pointing the finger at us is just more spinning and excuses from TOB. Don't allow it.

If TOB and Gene really do feel that fans are the problem then maybe they should pick up the mantle and spearhead a move to a playoff. There are no remaining reasons for the Bowls. Tradition is gone. Interest is marginal for the non-Jan 1 Bowls. The NCAA is leaving billions of dollars in revenue on table all because the coaches don't want a playoff. Why? Because it would increase the pressure on a guy like TOB. Right now he knows he can waltz into a bowl every season. Under a merit based 16 team format he would really have to accomplish something to get in.

Playoffs will never happen without the BCS conferences leading the way. And it will never be the schools like Ohio State or Texas leading the way. They have too much to lose. The current system works for them. So that leaves schools on the inside of the power conferences, but on the outside of the real bowl games as the voices of reason. I know it won't happen, but I would feel much better about my coach and AD if they used their voices to lead towards positive change instead of using their voices to whine about the fans.


flutie22phelan20 said...

O'Brien's mix of unfounded arrogance and utter lack of ambition is dumbfounding.

At how many schools can a coach go on air and say, "Hey, you know, there are two ways to get into a Jan. 1 bowl game: win our conference or get invited to the Gator Bowl. And because of you, the fans, there's no chance we'll get into the Gator Bowl." (And we all know, implicit in all this is that we'll never win the conference). Are you kidding me?!?!?!

IM Hipp said...

BCS debate

CSTV's Taking Issue With Brian Curtis debated college football's current postseason format Thursday night with Scott Ramsey, Chairman of the Football Bowl Association; Gene DeFilippo, Director of Athletics, Boston College; and Mark Emmert, President, University of Washington.

DeFilippo argued for an eight-team college football playoff, while Ramsey discussed the merits of the BCS and the economics of the current system. Emmert provided the view from a university president.

DeFilippo: "There's no question the BCS has been an improvement over what we had, the old system, but it's probably not as effective as a playoff would be. I am in favor of a playoff. There are many Presidents and athletic directors that are in favor of a playoff, but I do not see a playoff format in the next several years."

b said...

I'm with flutie22 on this one. I've been a strong TOB supporter for a long time now, but he really lost me this year with piss-poor preparation in all 3 of our losses (most memorably anyway). If he's going to spin this to blame the fans, he needs to go, because that kind of attitude will never get you anywhere, even with superior talent on the field.
The playoff format is a good idea, but I also think BC can occasionally make a BCS if they take advantage of oppportunities already on the table. The program's gotten just enough recognition in recent years to help us recruit enough talent to at least have a shot. Even last year, the sense of fear going into a game against FSU or Miami that was there several years ago wasn't really palpable anymore. I'm starting to hope some other school makes him an offer he can't refuse. We could've used Butch Davis I think!

Alex L. said...

I can't believe TOB has the nerve to blame the FANS on the crappy bowl appearances. Where was this nerve when he was coaching the Miami game? Oh yeah I forgot: "Well, we're up now, aren't we?" What an F-ing jerk.

He needs to go. He is no longer a good fit for the school. GDF probably won't fire him until he has a losing season. So let's hope some unlucky school hires him away from us. How dare he blame the fans. Hey, TOB, if you don't like the fan base go coach at some piss-poor NFL team that no one cares about.

Anonymous said...

I heard that comment about not ever going to the Gator Bowl, and I can say with absolutely certainty that there can be no "taken out of context" defense for that friggin pussy. TOB's voice was dripping with disdain, and he was noticeably terse when Meterparel broached the subject. Who does this dickhead think he is blaming the fans? He's got the best job in college sports. He delivers mediocre results but makes great coin and never gets any heat from the media. The city has exactly two beat reporters, and neither of them can write a bad word about him because their pom-poms get in the way. How do you think 3rd tier bowls would play in Tuscaloosa, Tallahasee or South Bend? The Tulane coach just got shitcanned for a 7-5 season after Katrina no less. The fact that TOB is pointing fingers at the fans and moaning about his contract is fucking unbelievable. Get this cocksucking asshole out of town now. I guarantee you if Mark Whipple were to take the reigns we'd be in a BCS bowl within 5 years. I hope you're reading this GDF. Have some balls and tell TOB it's time to go. I am withholding the $20 I was going to donate to the Flynn Fund in protest. That'll get your attention a-hole.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn, I am sick of this prick TOB. Whatta friggin pussy. He is an assistant coach dressed up as a HC. I cant' believe he has been the head coach at BC for what, 10 years? Christ, we need to make a 2nd tier bowl at least. I do feel like a Sox fan all over again. And I haaaaate that gay white eagle hat he wears. It's goddamn emasculating having ou rleader where that pussy gear. No wonder we get all these lame recruits. This s-s-s-s-s-sucks

Patrick Lane said...

I'm sick of the supply officer, let's get rid of this pussy and bring a winning attitude back to BC football!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard any rumors about O'Brien and the NC State job? There are a few murmurs on the web about this being a possibility.

At first this excited me (as a State fan) but after reading these comments I'm not so sure. O'Brien sounds like the Herb Sendek of football coaches. From the outside it looks like he's doing a great job and no one gets the fan unrest, but if you were watching the team week to week you could see how the coach's tepid style held the program back. That's how I felt about Herb anyway.