Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Behind the scenes at Gameday and more

Remember Heights Sports Editor Keving Armstrong? We'll he is doing pretty well for himself. He's turned a gig as a SI on Campus writer into a byline Inside College Basketball slot in less than a year. Best of all, he's still got a soft spot for BC. Here is his day with the Gameday crew.

Kevin doesn't control the's mock bracket. They have us as a 6th seed.

Seth Greenberg is a big fan of Jared Dudley.

Most of the Virginia Tech press is focusing on Duds.

He also got some pub from the usually uninterested Eagle Tribune.


Bravesbill said...

Another splendid coaching performance by Al Skinner. It seems like he took the lessons learned from the Duke and UNC losses and put them to great use this game. I love how Al's "patience" contributed greatly to BC's success during the game. I love the use of his timeouts during huge Va Tech runs. I love his adjustments during the game and halftime. I love how BC came out of halftime flat again like so many times before this season. I love how Al's defensive adjustment was to put in Tyler Roache and allow Johnny Oates to continue playing. I love how BC basically played 3 on 5 on both ends of the court (Roache and Oates are useless). I love how BC hustled out there and showed discipline. I love how Va Tech continued to make dunk after dunk and layup after layup. I love how Al made the necessary offensive and defensive adjustments after he saw Va Tech go on a 24-4 run to start the second half. I love how BC basically quit after that big Va Tech run. What an absolute embarassment to the school and to the game of basketball in general. But another splendid performance by Al Skinner. All aboard the Al Skinner bandwagon. Al SKinner should definitely win Coach of the Year. Ever since Al used to bench Smith and Dudley minutes before halftime in years past which allowed opponents to get back into the game, I have never been on the bandwagon and his recent displays of idiocy have proved why. Let's hope BC can right the ship soon because water is gushing into the ship. As of now, BC is barely in. 2 more losses and we will be seeing BC in the NIT and my point will be validated. Al Skinner is a horrible in-game coach. I have been asked in recent days which ACC coaches I would take over Al Skinner for in-game coaching. You're damn straight I'll take Seth Greenberg anyday. I'll take Skip Prosser and Paul Hewitt over Al anyday (when was the last time Al ever made it to the Final 4?). The only ACC coaches I wouldn't take over Al are Haith and Lowe.

Bravesbill said...

Oh and I also love how Al took Blair out after the cheap-shot he gave. Way to instill discipline into your players Al.

Matthew said...

Is this guy ever going to stop posting?

Bravesbill said...

You get mad because I speak the truth. The truth does hurt and quite frankly its repulsive at the moment.