Monday, February 19, 2007

Dudley on Gameday

Courtesy huelsebu

How can the bookstore not have a No. 3 jersey?


Tim said...

Dudley seems like a very cool dude. I love how Katz supports the BC program.

So is the consensus that BC needs to win one of its three games to guarantee an NCAA bid? What do you all think?

ClassO10 said...

Yea I think we need to win at least one more to be a lock for the tournament. I mean if we lose these next 3 and the first one in the ACC tournament, that will be 6 straight losses and zero chance of making the field. I think the toughest test will be at Virginia Tech on Wednesday. They are coming off a horrendous loss to NC State and really play well at home. If we can win that one, I like our chances of being a 6 seed or higher in the big dance. And as atleagle has pointed out, Lunardi still has us as a 4 seed despite the 2 home losses this week.

huelsebu said...

Katz's dad is a law professor at BC.

We definitely need to win one. I think it's more likely we win 2 or 3. And if we play like we did Saturday, it's a question of how far we go in the post-season after finishing the year 3-0.

Shock said...

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