Friday, February 09, 2007

Former Eagle links

Ryan Ohliger enrolled at Delaware. I'd wish him luck, but a quote like this -- "I didn't appreciate the way things went down at Boston College," -- just pisses me off. Shut up. This guy got more than enough chances.

Here is a Q&A with TOB. They are not changing their offense. Should make the first game interesting.

The Carolina papers also published a feature on Dana Bible. They list his salary as $225,000. So much for the big pay days. I have not seen any W2s or anything, but I have it from a few good sources that both our coordinators are making more than that.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you think Tom O'Brien would realize how more his offense needs a chance around?

Plus,I rarely ever saw 'em run the 3-4 here at bc..
thanks,and keep up on your blog.

ATL_eagle said...

Yeah, that "3-4" quote must have been a mistake by the reporter or a misunderstanding. Maybe they are moving to a 3-4 at NC State. We never ran a 3-4 with TOB at BC.