Friday, February 16, 2007

My Carolina optimism and a few links

After getting hammered by the Blue Devils, the mood surrounding the program has certainly turned dour in anticipation of our Saturday night showdown with the Tar Heels. But there is hope. Under Skinner, we’ve often rallied after bad outings. I wish UNC was not coming off a tough conference loss. They will be doubly focused for this game. However, while Duke gives us fits, our style matches up better against UNC as proven in last year’s two wins. Here are some reasons for hope:

-- They probably won’t double Dudley. They didn’t last year. Yes, Smith offset that, but they want to force us into an up tempo game. I don’t think they will try to bog down our half court offense. And last year in the ACC Semis, we killed them with the 3 when they collapsed on the low post.

-- If we control the turnovers we’ll do okay. In our first win at Chapel Hill last year, we played very controlled and dictated the pace. If Rice can do that again, we’ll win.

UNC is favored and more talented than they were a year ago. I still think we have a very good chance. If anyone has any good pictures of Gameday and the game please send them on and I'll try to post them Sunday.

A few links

After losing the Beanpot, the Hockey team bounced back with a much needed win against Maine.

There will be a lot of ACC baseball on TV.


ClassO10 said...

Hey Atleagle. I'll be at Gameday and try and get some pictures. I will also try and get some pictures of the game. Keep up the great work.

Slemp said...

If anyone has a ticket for tonight's game, please let me know. I love BC Basketball more than anything, but I haven't been able to get my hands on a ticket I can afford. contact me at If I get into the game, I promise pictures and a recap on my blog:

Thanks, and cheer hard for the Eagles tonight. I was at GameDay this morning, and we are gonna do it!