Monday, February 05, 2007

New chat with Gene

Gene is holding another online chat on Tuesday. I submitted the following questions. I highly recommend submitting your own as Gene has become increasingly candid with each of these chats.

1. How many ACC teams do you think will make the NCAA Tournament? Who from the ACC is lobbying on behalf of the conference as it seemed the Mid-Majors were overly represented the past few years?

2. The gold uniforms were a nice improvement. Is there any chance we will move away from the italicized numbers and lettering? Also will we be incorporating the profile eagle logo in place of the head-on eagle logo?

3. Can you clarify how donations to the BC Fund impact one’s donor based seating?

4. Is the ACC going to press ESPN to get more Internet Service Providers to carry ESPN 360? The number of participating ISPs was very limited last football season.


ClassO10 said...

Thanks. Asked a bunch hopefully one or two he will answer.

Alex L. said...

Bill, I think the answer to your question #3 is that donations to the Flynn Fund are the only donations that count towards DBS, as this part of the FAQ shows:

Q: I support other areas of the University; am I required to make a gift to the Flynn Fund also?

A: Yes. Gifts to the Flynn Fund support athletic scholarships. Similar to how football parking works, we request that you make a gift to the Flynn Fund as it related to Donor-Based Seating.