Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Recent history with Duke

While we have only been conferences foes for one and a half seasons, Duke and BC have had some bad blood during the Skinner era. Here is a quick look back at some of the recent history.

-- BC 75, Duke 97. Jan 16, 2001. Durham, NC. This was Skinner's "turn the corner season." BC went into Cameron as one of the hotest teams in the country. After a plucky effort from BC in the first half, Duke took control and pulled away in the second half. What gave the rivalry a little edge was the conclusion. With the game in hand, Duke Point Guard Jason Williams taunted BC with a couple ball fakes to Kenny Walls' face. Walls responded with a rough foul that sent Williams into the scorer's table. Coach K got all holier than thou, completely ignoring that his player started the incident by taunting. Needless to say, BC fans were pissed.

-- BC 78, Duke 88. Jan 24. 2002. Chestnut Hill, MA. This was supposed to be the revenge game. It wasn't. A loaded Duke team controlled the whole way. Although we returned the core of the 2001 team, the 2002 team played sort of flat. Duke came at the wrong time and the handed a struggling team another loss. Bell and Company would scrap together enough to make the NCAAs, but the Duke game was a microcosm of a flat season.

-- BC 81, Duke 83. Feb 1, 2006. Chestnut Hill, MA. Another Duke game, another huge BC deficit. However, this one had a different ending. Down 18, the team came back and narrowed the Blue Devil lead. The crowd was pumped and ESPN was playing up the jawing between Sean Marshall and J.J. Redick. Late in the game, we were fouling to stop the clock and send Duke to the line. Dudley narrowed the lead to 78-79 with seconds left. We fouled Redick. He made both. BC down 3 with 16 seconds left. Rice raced down the court for a layup. Sheldon Williams clobbered him but they called it a clean block. Welcome to the ACC. Even Vitale said it should have been a foul. Foul shots and a 3 from Hinnant left the final score at 81-83, but the game turned on the bad call.

-- BC 76, Duke 78. March 12, 2006. Greensboro, NC. BC's first ACC Tournament and here they were in the finals. The team played extremely well in the days leading up, with sound wins over Maryland and UNC. The Final was going Duke's way until punk Greg Paulas deflected a ball off of Louis Hinnant to keep a Duke possession alive. Being just the latest floor slapping annoying Duke jerk, Paulus bounced up off the floored and did a few fist pumps -- one which hit Hinnant in the chest. Hinnant responded by shoving Paulus into the Duke bench. Everyone started talking and shoving. Technicals were assessed. BC fans hate Duke more than ever. But the best thing was how Hinnant responded -- he had the game of his life. BC led late until Redick hit a couple of clutch 3s.

So, while these games have been emotional, BC has come up short. Let's hope that the latest Duke game has a different ending.


downtown_resident said...

Nice recap. Wasn't there also some bad blood between BC and Duke in the 1985 NCAA tournament game in which we eliminated Bilas and company? I thought I saw some sort of incident included in ESPN's montage of BC-Duke "highlights" (along with Hinnant-Paulus, JJ-Sean M., Walls-Williams) during last year's ACC final. Maybe some of the older BC fans can help out.

flutie22phelan20 said...

To add a few things...

In the 2004 game, BC scrapped back until Ryan Sidney fouled out of the game (on a good call), and then ran down to the opposite free throw line where he knelt on the ground screaming. Duke got 4 FTs, bringing what was (around) an 8 pt game to 12, game over. Typical Sidney.

In the 2006 game at Conte, Craig fouled out with 3 minutes left when the called a charge on him against Paulus that was beyond garbage. Worse call than the Williams non call at the end.

And man was that a great ACC final. Reddick was draining 3s from the West Coast to win...can't do anything about that.

Bravesbill said...

John Oates has got to be the worst "D-I basketball player" I have ever seen. I don't think he even qualifies as a player. I thought Nate Doornekamp was as bad as it gets but he's Michael Jordan compared to Oates. That performance tonight was absolutely disgraceful. Everyone in the arena knew that after Oates hit his first 3, he would continue to jack them up like there was no tomorrow. And that he did, taking awful shots and not even coming close on any of them. And defense, well let's not talk about his "defense." He just stood there in the middle of the key while McRoberts took him to school. He couldn't move his feet and everyone blew right by him. And on offense, I noticed that no one on Duke covered him. They let him sit on the three point line near the sideline. They jammed down low and double teamed Dudley so he couldn't touch the ball as a result.

And by far, this was the worst coaching performance I have ever seen in my life. Al Skinner is truly the worst in-game head coach I have ever seen. He didn't make one adjustment the entire game! In the FSU game, BC was outscored 30-13 with Oates in the lineup and outscored FSU 55-37 without him in the lineup. And then he starts Oates today? Are you kidding me? As Mike Patrick said, Duke probably had more layups today then they did all year. He single-handedly cost them the game. And after the 18-5 Duke run and 12-2 runs, look who's still on the court. It's John Oates! I don't know what game he was watching but a blind mouse would have benched Oates after the first 5 minutes of the game. Guess Al didn't learn his lesson from the last Duke game when McRoberts crapped all over Oates. Once Oates was benched, BC went on a 27-9 run! Duke scored 9 points in 10 minutes and McRoberts didn't score a basket the rest of the game! Al displayed absolute pure idiocy today. His "patience" is costing BC dearly. Give a 3 year old girl the team and she could probably coach better than Al. And now watch Al trot Oates out on the court to start against UNC, and watch Tyler Hansbrough absolutely crap on him again. Watch him get 20+ minutes and watch BC lose as a result. Al is very overrated and shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as the phrase "Coach of the Year." Give BC any other coach in the ACC and I guarantee you that they win tonight by 15 points. What a joke.

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