Sunday, February 18, 2007

UNC thoughts

Sorry for the late post, had other non blogging things to do. As for the moral victories. Here are my thoughts:

-- Rice carrying the team. Rice is not a great point guard, but he is a great scorer. Although we didn’t win this game, his play of late has given me hope for next year. I think he can be first team ACC and provide the continuity we need to carry us from the Dudley era to the talented group of freshman Al is bringing in next year.
-- Sean Marshall slashing. As I’ve been saying for two year, he is good going to the basket. If he can do it against a very athletic North Carolina team, he can do it on anyone. He seems to be out of his funk at just the right time.
-- Solid minutes from Oates. He played much better and hit the boards harder than he has his entire BC career.

-- The foul shooting. This is on Dudley and Marshall. Although there were other contributing factors to the loss, the foul shots will be the things we remember.
-- Spears' hands. I have hope for Spears, but the past two games he’s let good passes slip through his hands near the basket. It is something he needs to work on.
-- Roche’s minutes. He was partially out there because of Dudley’s troubles and his improved play, but he really regressed against Carolina. He cannot be that timid or else he’ll never get off the bench.

We’ve got three regular season games and need one more win. All three can go either way. I think we’ll get one and be okay. Dudley missed his foul shots, but I have a hard time thinking he is going to go out with five straight losses. I'll have more on him and the team all week.

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