Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gut reaction to our bracket

Considering our style and how we finished, in my opinion, this is our best draw of the Skinner era. Now I have no idea which BC will show up, but if we play well this team should make the Sweet 16.

First Game
Texas Tech is more athletic than we are but not a particulary strong offensive or defensive team. They played a tough non-conference schedule but struggled against teams like Air Force, UNLV and Stanford. In conference they were very streaky. They are a Bobby Knight team so they play man D and run the motion offense. This is a very winnable game. Plus we've played well in Winston-Salem.

Second Game
If we advance, our next opponent is likely Georgetown. Georgetown is a great team playing really well...BUT...once again, I like how we match up against them. We always play well against the Princeton style offenses. They are big but not as physical as say a Georgia Tech. It is all about matchups. I think we can beat Gtown and if we don't I think the Hoyas will make the Final Four.

The rest of the bracket
Now I am really getting ahead of myself. Getting to the Sweet 16 would be a huge accomplishment considering the events of the season. However, if we get out of Winston-Salem things look good. Take a look:
-- Washington St.: slow it down defensive team. Won't run us out of the building
-- Vanderbilt: not a great road team. No answer for Dudley or Rice.
-- UNC: we know them. Both games could have gone another way. Beating a team three times in one season is tough.
-- Texas: Really scares me.

I'll go with my heart and take BC to win it all. I see the world through maroon and gold glasses but things could break our way in this bracket.

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ClassO10 said...

I think Texas Tech is a very good draw for us, and if Marshall plays the way he did against UNC and Tyrese picks it up, we will be fine.

As for the Hoyas, you might be right with us being able to defend their Princeton offense. However, we might not score 40 against them the way we have been playing and the way their defense has been.