Friday, March 02, 2007

The smartest player to walk the Heights

How do you measure basketball IQ? It is fairly subjective, but I tried. We all see how Jared plays. He has that uncanny sense for being in the right place at the right time. But I couldn’t track how many smart timeouts Jared Dudley took or when he anticipated something on the court. One thing I could measure how many times he got fouled shooting 3s. While getting fouled on the three point line isn’t all brains (much of it is about a stupid defender), Jared’s ability to draw someone in and/or flop has been uncanny this year. (As a side note, it also has provided his highest note: FSU, and his lowest: missing 3 FTs against UNC).

This year Jared has been fouled eight times behind the line. Amazingly he has only taken 75 3s. 11% of the time he takes a 3, he gets to the line. Combine that with his 48% shooting from beyond the arc and he is producing positive possessions 59% of the time he shoots a 3. Amazing. Now I don’t advocate him chucking 3s all day. His ability to make them and ability to draw contact are a product of his great sense of the game.

Jared's legacy will be determined by the next month, but even if BC goes out with a whimper, we probably won't see someone as cunning as Dudley for a long time.


Tim said...

Hey Atl Eagle!

I see Chad Forde of has Tyrese Rice on his Top 100 board now at #97 for NBA prospects. Just thought I'd throw that random tidbit out there.

Bravesbill said...

I guess I was right. All of you Al defenders who absolutely bashed me when I said I would take Paul Hewitt as my in-game coach over Al Skinner any day of the week have egg all over your face. What an absolute joke he is. Hewitt embarassed Skinner; he coached circles around him. Not one adjustment before this game by Skinner and he was given 8 days to prepare! When BC gets mauled by Maryland by double digits on national television again, I would not be surprised in the least to see them headed to the NIT after this absolutely collapse at the end of the season. It is what this team would truly deserve.