Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who is the best player of the Skinner era?

The ACC named Jared the Conference Player of the Year. He is the second BC player under Skinner to win a conference Player of the Year award. (Troy Bell won it twice in the Big East.) So who is the best player of the Skinner era? I would still have to give it to Bell. Below is my ranking. Feel free to add your opinion. (I excluded Granger, Woodward and Curley since they were JOB recruits and only had one season under Skins.)

1. Troy Bell. The school and Big East’s All-Time leading scorer. Without Bell there is no Skinner era. Troy put the program on his back and gave us credibility, stability and a championship. Not as demonstrative as Dudley or a physical specimen like Craig Smith, Bell was just one of those guys who could score on anyone.
2. Jared Dudley. Statistically he didn’t put up the same sort of numbers as Smith, but I think his leadership and his efficiency are superior to anyone else who played under Skinner. If Bell is the guy who rebuilt the program, Dudley is the role model for anyone we ever recruit. No one gave him a chance but BC. He took that opportunity and ran with it.
3. Craig Smith. He might turn out to be the best NBA player of the Skinner era. He was not nearly as well rounded as Bell or Dudley, but he was a beast none the less. A great combination of touch and strength.

After the Big 3, I ranked the remaining guys below. This is highly subjective. I based it on a mix of talent, accomplishment and impact on the program. Rice could work his way up the list depending on how the next two seasons go.

4. Uka Agbai
5. Louis Hinnant
6. Tyrese Rice
7. Sean Marshall
8. Kenny Harley
9. Sean Williams
10. Ryan Sidney/Jermaine Watson* (Sidney was outstanding until he broke his jaw and lost his way. Watson took a while to blossom.)


LongtimeEagle said...

I asked the same question under your last entry, but where are you hearing that the POY results are in and Dudley has won? Are you just predicting? Did someone who claims to have the inside scoop disclose it but ask you not to cite them? Has it been reported as fact somewhere? (if the latter, maybe you could provide a link?)

flutie22phelan20 said...

longtime- Vega has an article up on Boston.com confirming the Dudley story.

Congrats to Jared! I love seeing a player represent the school the way he does, and maximize his talent. It was an absolute pleasure to watch him this year, and the past three for that matter, and he deserves this award.

I think he deserves it the same way D Knight deserved the regular season rushing record. Two classy guys who competed better than all others, despite their physical limitations.

LongtimeEagle said...

thanks for the heads up on the Vega piece. And congrats to Jared. I thought he had it sewn up two weeks ago, but was worried that voters might focus only on BC's finish and hold it against him. he deserves it.

jesuitHOOPS said...

Umm- I think you forgot Kostas Maglos

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