Monday, April 23, 2007

ATL_eagle Scouting Service (BC’s Mel Kiper) Part I

There are fewer prospects this year so I’ll preview Beekman, Marten and then all the other seniors who hope to make a team as free agents.

Josh Beekman, OG-C.

Overview: Beekman is projected to go in the second or third round. The All-American’s shape and measurables have put a drag on his draft stock. While he carries some extra weight, he moves very well for someone his size. He has a high football IQ and is able to play Center. Dominated his position and opponents for the past three seasons. Curiously struggled in one-on-one drills at the Senior Bowl.

My take: If Josh falls into the third round he’ll be a steal for the team drafting him. I don’t know what happened in his drills, but I’ve watched every game of his the past two seasons multiple times and he was easily the best and most consistent lineman I saw. He rarely made mistakes. He took on all comers and numerous current and future NFL lineman. His footwork is very good. He may lack explosiveness for an interior guy but that didn't seem to hurt at this level. The only time I he was badly beat was at the end of the NC State game and that was one play against another future draft pick. I think Josh will be a very good NFL player and continue BC’s tradition of producing quality NFL lineman.

Quick link: Beekman waits to see where NFL draft sends him sends him

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