Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Basketball recruiting and other links

Here is a breakdown of all the ACC's incoming basketball classes. I'm not surprised to see us this low and will not be surprised when a few of these guys outperform squads that are higher on the list.

Here's a feature on Larry Anam's first few days with the Pats.

A healthy Will Blackmon is hoping to make an impact with the Packers.

Buried in this article is a mention of our interest in football prospect Cordian Hagans.

Ayla Brown gives her take on the American Idol Finale.

Finally (this is not sports related) here is another article on the mounting debt facing college and BC grads. I am all for supply and demand...I just hope BC and similar schools see what they are doing. Leveraging current demand may come back to haunt us when the student population peaks and you don't have thousands of kids willing to take on debt for college.

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