Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Flutie, more bowls stuff, more USC

Around the same time as Doug Flutie's College Football Hall of Fame announcement, came word that he was the first non-Canadian elected into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. Interesting to note that at the end of the Flutie article Blaudschun adds a notes section and references the still unsigned USC game. Gene's explination combined with word that USC is going to play Syracuse in 2011 makes me question if the USC-BC games will even happen.

Here is a good breakdown of all the host cities in the mix for the ACC Championship Game.

Washington, D.C. is considering a bowl game. While I prefer a second Atlanta Bowl, DC would be a perfect fit for our 8th spot.

Here is ESPN's recap of our spring. There are a few mistakes, but overall a fair and good preview.

This ESPN piece mentions Matt Ryan as a Heisman Candidate. I love Matt but don't see it happening. I'll have more on his Heisman prospects in an upcoming post.


Bosco2BC said...

any word on how the trapani visit went this past tuesday? haven't found any write ups online.

ATL_eagle said...

I haven't seen anything written. Word is that it is BC or Michigan.