Thursday, May 24, 2007

Six degrees

When recounting Jags’ second season as offensive coordinator, I was reminded that TOB replaced both coordinators after the 1998 season. Jags went onto the NFL and defensive coordinator Tim Rose left (or was forced out). Rose went on to ECU and coached under current BC offensive coordinator Steve Logan. Small world, eh? Rose also had a pit stop at Louisiana Tech under Jack Bicknell Jr. This six degrees of separation among coaches is not that unusual. Look at a few other quirky connections on the BC staff.

Before Jags hooked up with Steve Logan at ECU, he coached at LSU under Mike Archer. Archer is TOB’s new defensive coordinator at NC State.

Recruiting Coordinator Mike Siravo played under TOB, and has now coached under three former TOB assistants (Bob Shoop, Al Golden and now Jags).

When the Jim Turner thing went down, I was concerned that Jags might have a tough time convincing a new coach to come onboard. Things turning sour so quickly would surely give someone pause. Yet Jack Bicknell Jr. probably didn’t need to hear much about what went wrong with Turner since Turner had an unexpectedly short stint on Bicknell’s La Tech staff too.

It can even get into second generation stuff. For example, Gene’s son John was recently named Quarterback’s coach of the Raiders. In Oakland he’ll work under Greg Knapp (who Jags worked under in Atlanta). Prior to Oakland, John worked for the Giants and their numerous BC connections.

I know every industry can feel like this. I just find it interesting that certain people and spots continue to play a role in BC’s football program.

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