Saturday, June 02, 2007

A few hoops links

Here are two quick links on Dudley's performance at various predraft events.'s: Dudley runs at peak efficiency.

A Dudley article from the Herald.

This is the marketing site for the Hall of Fame Classic.


Bosco2BC said...

really nice to see dudley do well at the pre-draft camp - seems like he's gotten some decent publicity from it. so long as he performs well at the individual team workouts, it'd be great to see him sneak into the first round. i've also read that sean williams was a no show for the pre-draft camp... i wonder if that's due to laziness or he didn't want his potential bad performance to hurt his overall stock. anybody know?

Eagle0407 said...

I can't remember where, but I read somewhere that there is a hint that possibly someone has promised to take him. Andy Katz also mentioned that he's going to do some workouts with John Lucas in Houston for some teams that are picking in the 20s.

Considering he hasn't played competitive basketball in months, an awkward offensive performance (like his sophmore season) could really hurt him, and given his disciplinary issues + the depth available I think he could block 30 shots a game in camp and not crack the top 10. Probably a smart move to stay out of the camp and dunk on a bunch of slow, fat or short guys in his own private workout. I'm sure he could jump rope for 20 minutes and someone would take him in the first round.

Here's hoping the Celtics use the 32nd pick to nab Duds.