Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Haden is a BC Guy

As many of you know by now, Jags made his first real recruiting splash in landing Maryland RB Josh Haden. Haden fills a big need but the commitment is a very good indicator for things ahead.

This is a kid with no prior connection to BC and no geographic affiliation, yet he listened to our pitch and liked what he heard. Even more telling, in addition to offers from Michigan and Tennessee, Haden also had an offer from the National Champion Florida Gators AND his older brother is a current Gator. Despite all these obstacles, he still picked BC.

Recruiting is a tough racket. You're not going to get everyone you want, but Haden is someone BC identified early, went after hard and closed. Great signs and a welcome change from our previous regime's efforts.

Let's hope Josh stays healthy and has a strong Senior Year. He is supposedly planning on starting at BC in January. I also don't expect Florida to take this lying down...Urban Meyer is notorious for continuing to recruit after kids commit to other programs. BC will need to keep Haden happy but I am very confident they will.

Congrats to Haden's primary recruiters Ryan Day and Ben Sirmans. And big congrats to Jags. Now let's go get another stud.


BCNorCal07 said...

I told my brother that Haden picked The Heights over The Swamp. He thought I was kidding. I was super-excited when I got Toal, but there was no way TOB would have gotten Haden. No way. I'm still waiting to see what happens on the field before I christen Jags the second coming (of what, I don't know), but the signs are looking good. Go Eagles!

Andrew said...
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