Monday, June 25, 2007

NBA stuff and links

The Globe kicked off draft week with a great feature on Sean Williams. I'll have more on Williams as we get closer to the draft.

The Big Lead thinks Dudley is going to the Spurs. I think he would fit in well there, but don't see him as some sort of Bowen clone. In fact he is the anti-Bowen in that he is all offense and will need help defensively. Bowen gets by on strength and speed. Dudley gets by on smarts.

In coming freshman Corey Eason was named the defensive MVP of the Shriners' Football Classic.

According to, BC has the second hardest schedule in the ACC.


eagle1331 said...

While I do think Notre Dame will definately be a tougher game than BYU, simply for the fact that it is an away for us, it is AWESOME that SI takes a shot at ND (in my opinion) and questions how good ND is (again, in my opinion)

Klark Helly said...

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