Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Basketball Preview: Meet Rakim Sanders

This will be an important year for BC basketball. Skinner has to mix his most touted recruiting class with one of his thinnest rosters of returning, productive players. I'll take quick glances at the new and old faces as the season approaches.


Rakim Sanders, G, 6'5

Sanders was the cornerstone of this recruiting class. A New England product with a national ranking, he is expected to start this year.

Strengths: Can score from inside and out. Good rebounder.

Questions: Can he defend the ACC's best perimeter players? Can he help Rice out with ball handling when we are pressed?

Outlook: I don't expect Sanders to have a Troy Bell like impact as a freshmen. Rice will still be our first scoring option. But I do think he can get plenty of points just by picking up rebounds. When we run the flex close to the basket, I think you'll see Sanders show very good strength for a wing player. In terms of production, he is primarily replacing Sean Marshall's minutes. I don't think you'll see him average Marshall's 14.8 points per game, but he should exceed Marshall's 4.5 rebounds per game. If he can deliver 11 points and 6 boards a night, BC will be much better than the experts are predicting.


Eagle in Brighton said...
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Eagle in Brighton said...

Our Senior losses after last season are huge, but if we/the team sets practical goals (like maybe 8-8 in conference + late NCAA/high NIT bid) this could be a nice stepping stone to success a year or two down the line (akin to what the program did with Dudley, Smith, etc. in terms of developing talent).

Btw, regardless of overall record, I expect Rice to be nipping at the heels (pun intended) of the ACC's elite PG's this season: the kid can flat out play...

Jay said...

if that "playa" jersey he's wearing is any indication, he's gonna be aok.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Just FYI: rivals has Tyrese Rice as a top 10 PG in the land.

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