Monday, October 29, 2007

Blogpoll Ballot

Before I get hit with questions let me state this: I think BC is the No. 1 team in the country. I didn't vote that way because I don't want to toy with fate. If any of you have been following the blogpoll, you're already familiar with the "CK jinx." For those who aren't, this is the gist: the blogger who overvalues his team the most has seen his beloved boys go on to lose the following week. I wear certain clothes on gamedays because I think it is good luck. You think I am going to subject BC to bad karma because of a silly internet poll? No way. So officially and for superstition sake Ohio State is No. 1. Off the record, we know the truth.

Games I watched
BC-VT 100% (twice)
Frenso State-Boise State 25%
Rutgers-West Virginia 50%
Wake Forest-UNC 25%
Kentucky-Miss St 25%
Florida-Georgia 50%
Penn State-Ohio State 50%
Arizona State-Cal 25%

1 Ohio State --
2 Boston College --
3 Arizona State --
4 Kansas --
5 Oklahoma --
6 Oregon --
7 LSU --
8 Missouri 6
9 Wake Forest 6
10 West Virginia 1
11 Connecticut 8
12 Hawaii --
13 Virginia Tech 5
14 Georgia 10
15 Boise State 11
16 Clemson 4
17 Michigan 9
18 Alabama 8
19 Southern Cal 6
20 Texas 6
21 Virginia 12
22 South Florida 12
23 Wisconsin 3
24 Brigham Young 1
25 Troy State 1

Dropped Out: Florida (#16), Kentucky (#17), South Carolina (#18), California (#21), Penn State (#22), Texas A&M (#23).


Brian said...

Troy State? Really?? I know the SEC is highly overrated and all (they have the highest rated 1-loss, 2-loss and 3-loss teams in the polls!) but take your pick - Florida, SC, Kentucky, Auburn. I think these teams are better, but who knows. Sample size of games in a year is so small. That's why BCS system is a joke.

Auburn at #16 this week is a little absurd at 3 losses in my opinion.

eagleboston said...

I love Matt Ryan. I now think he is the best BC QB of all-time and that includes Flutie. However, I'm getting tired of the national folks denigrating the rest of the team and making statements such as "Ryan's receivers are mediocre at best." I know there are not a lot of stars on this team, but they play well as a team, they are smart, and they work hard.

Gunnell, Jarvis, Megwa, Purvis, Challenger, B-Rob...these are quality receivers who have made some tough catches this season.

The o-line has been much-maligned, but they are missing a key starter and they are still in the learning stages of a new scheme. With the exception of Va Tech, they have done a great job protecting Ryan. Callender is not like the great backs of 5-10 years ago, but with a passer like Ryan, he just needs to make plays when asked, and he is doing just that.

Now, let's look at the defense. They are fairly decent against the run, probably could improve against the pass, but what matters most is scoreboard. They don't give up a lot of points and they create a lot of turnovers. I'll take our linebacking corps and line them up against anyone. Further, consider that 2 out of the 3 best defenders have not played a down this year! I predicted BC would lose 3 games and that was when I thought Toal and Raji would start.

This team is not all Matt Ryan. There are a lot of players that have made key plays at key times for this team. Are they #2? Hell, I don't know. It's all subjective anyway. All I know is that if they keep winning, they are #1 in my heart.