Monday, October 22, 2007

Coordinators vs Coordinators: a history with VT

Jags has no history against Beamer as a head coach, but his coordinators are very familiar with their counterparts. Here is a brief history of Logan at ECU against long-time Virginia Tech Defensive coordinator Bud Foster and Spaz against VT's OC Bryan Stinespring (who took over their O in 2002).

1996: Logan vs Foster
First Downs 14
Rushed-yards 24-47
Passing yards 258
Sacked-yards lost 1-4
Passes 17-35-2
Fumbles-lost 0-0
Penalties-yards 7-77
Points scored: 14
Results: Loss
Assessment: Logan moved the ball, but the picks were killers.

1998: Logan vs Foster
First downs 16
Rushed-yards 37-135
Passing yards 168
Sacked-yards lost 1-7
Passes 13-26-0
Punts 6-49.0
Fumbles-lost 1-0
Penalties-yards 4-17
Points scored: 3
Results: Loss
Assessment: Long day for the Pirates. They couldn't do anything against one of Foster's better units.

2000: Logan vs Foster
First downs 20
Rushed-yards 39-87
Passing yards 331
Sacked-yards lost3-17
Return yards 55
Passes 23-47-3
Punts 6-30.8
Fumbles-lost 4-0
Penalties-yards 6-60
Points scored: 28
Results: Loss
Assessment: This was Logan's best day against Foster. They moved the ball better than most of VT's opponents that year. They lost the game due to Beamer ball plays in special teams.

2002: Spaz vs Stinespring
First downs 21
Rushes-Yards 61 - 334
Passing yards 86
Sacked-Yards lost 1 - 9
Passes 4 - 7 - 0
Fumbles-Lost 0 - 0 2 - 1
Penalties-Yards 15 - 96
Points allowed: 28
Results: Loss
Assessment: We got run over in this game. Not one of Spaz's better days.

2003: Spaz vs Stinespring
First downs 15
Rushes-Yards 40 - 203
Passing yards 187
Sacked-Yards lost 1 - 3
Passes 13 - 27 - 0
Fumbles-Lost 2 - 2
Penalties-Yards 7 - 61
Points allowed: 27
Results: Win
Assessment: This was a classic "bend but don't break" scheme. It was also one of those days where the D got just enough stops at just the right time.

2005: Spaz vs Stinespring
Passing attempts - completions 28-22
Gross passing yards 280
Rushing attempts - yards 53-212
First downs 26
Fumbles - lost 2-1
Penalties - yards 6-46
Time of possession 39:05
Points allowed: 30
Results: Loss
Assessment: This in my opinion was one of Spaz's biggest missteps. He came in with a scheme to contain Marcus Vick, assuming that Vick would run wild like his brother did against us. Instead he picked us apart all night.

2006: Spaz vs Stinespring
Passing attempts - completions 34-23
Gross passing yards 148
Rushing attempts - yards 28-33
First downs 14
Fumbles - lost 3-2
Time of possession 27:51
Points allowed: 3
Results: Win
Assessment: If 2005 was one of Spaz's worst games, this was one of his best. VT was confused and under pressure all night.

Final thoughts...
These games do not occur in a vacuum, so what your offense does or vice-versa impacts a coordinators gameplan and the final stats. I did not see any of the ECU-VT games of the Logan era, but like Spaz's games against VT, his results are all over the place. Ultimately both sides come in very familiar with what the other wants to do. Should be interesting.


Big Jack Krack said...

I think Coach Logan has more offensive weapons with which to attack this VT squad in this 07 BC Team. I think we'll move the ball and put points on the board.

Defensively, I don't mind the "bend but don't break" approach - especially if we can get some key takeaways.

Am I worried or scared or intimidated? No - sure we could lose, but I prefer to think sure, we CAN win. I am cautiously confident and I think the players and coaches will be the same. This is a special year and they know it.

They want to be the Number 2 Team in the polls that DOES NOT LOSE this week.


Big Jack Krack said...

I also meant to say that I don't believe we'll see the "Deer in the Headlights" reaction that the TOB team of 2 years ago showed.

I think the entire staff as well as the players were intimidated 2 years ago in Blacksburg. I do not believe that will be the case this year.

I remember when they asked Jeremy Trueblood when he knew it would be a long night - and he answered "On the second play" or something close to that.

I think this team will adapt as they must and fight, fight, fight. They're not going to give up on the 2nd play!!! And I like Trueblood - just very surprised by his answer. Porter didn't do us any favors either.

BCNorCal07 said...

Porter was terrible in the game two years ago. (Really, he was never the same after getting hurt in the FSU game that year.) I remember watching with friends when VT was starting to pull away and Porter was doing nothing. We kept wondering why Matty never got put in. Of course, as soon he went in, the offense started to click. It was so late in the game that it doesn't mean much, but at least it showed that Matty wasn't intimidated by the Lane Stadium atmosphere.

Sujit said...

I post this quote with a heavy dose of caution but am happy to hear nice things said about BC.

Bob Davie: "I like BC particularly because of Matt Ryan and their scheme on offense. They have a great screen pass package and that will be a big part of their plan against Virginia Tech. If you watched BC against Georgia Tech you see that their pass protection can handle blitzing defenses. In reality, you have an NFL QB running an NFL offense and even though Virginia Tech is good on defense, BC will be tough to defend. I do not think Tech can score enough points to keep up with the BC offense. It will be a great atmosphere, but BC will win."

LAEagle said...

2 days to kickoff and i'm already's hopin logan's got a few new plays up his sleave....

Brian said...

I can't wait for this game. I'll be driving down to Blacksburg tomorrow night. If you support the maroon and gold, stop by. Go Eagles!

ORDEagle said...

Not necessarily on target, but I cracked up reading this in today's Chicago Tribune:

Joe Theisman: "The next four games—Navy, Air Force, Duke and Stanford—those will give us a better indication of where Notre Dame is. They'll be playing competition that is more equal to their talent level right now. The Boston Colleges and the USCs are on another level."

Moose said...

I've got a feeling that looking at special teams might be pertinent as well, considering that VaTech versus Clemson would have looked a lot closer if Tommy Bowden were to coach special teams the littlest bit.