Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday links and video

More video. The doubters are starting to become believers.

This is probably the best write up of the game I have come across. It leads with the story of WR coach Ryan Day leaving the hospital and flying himself down for the game because he "just had a feeling something special was going to happen."

More Flutie in Canada stuff. I still cannot believe this game landed on the same night Doug was out of the country and the Sox were in the Worlds Series.

There are bad refs and then there are ACC refs. "I didn't see the play but these VT players seem like nice guys. They say it is a touchdown, so I believe them."


ORDEagle said...

Seen any word on gametime for next week? Looking at the schedule and who still has TBA's for game time, it looks good for us to get ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC for Saturday night.

This is important! difference between a 7am flight and a 10am flight next Saturday!!!

ATL_eagle said...

It is a night game. The time is not set but should be after 7 PM ET.

Eagle in Brighton said...

VT's TD call was freakin egregious. The incompetence of ACC umpires this season has been mind-numbing (see last night, Notre Dame, UNC v. UVA, Wake v. FSU etc.)

Andrew said...

Some doubters might be turning the page on BC, but I'd argue that others are getting louder. It seems that BC and the ACC have earned a big bullseye for fans from SEC country who want to claim that LSU would destroy BC if they played, or that Kentucky would be a national powerhouse if they got to play the ACC schedule every year etc. Still others from around the country are finding rationale to make BC the key to the downfall of the BCS system of ranking teams (thinking that they'll get crushed by their BCS bowl opponent).