Thursday, October 25, 2007

Game Watches for Virginia Tech

If you have game watch info send me an email or post it in the comments.

Atlanta Game Watch
Frankie’s Sports Bar, Frankie's (Sandy Springs at The Prado)
5600 Roswell Road NE

Boston Game Watch
The Place (Fanueil Hall)

Chicago Game Watch
Finley Dunnes Tavern
3458 N. Lincoln Avenue

Los Angeles Game Watch
2455 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica

New Jersey Game Watch
Liberty Bar and Grill
61 14th Street, Hoboken

New York Game Watches
535 Laguardia Pl

12 W 45th St

Philadelphia Game Watch
Flanigan's Boat House
113 Fayette Street

Phoenix Game Watch
16th Street Sports Bar & Grill
6522 N. 16th Street, Phoenix

San Francisco Game Watches
2032 Polk St (at Broadway)
or at
Elixir at 3200 16th Street (at Guerrero)

Tampa Game Watch
Rock N Sports Bar and Grille
1811 N 15th Street (corner of 8th ave and 15th St)


Lally said...

I just emailed the Boston Alumni Assoc to get assuarance that they will still be featuring the BC game at The Place tonight (fanueil hall).

BC on the big TVS, sox game on the side, play by play from Blacksburg.

Anyone who doesn't have a dog in the World Series should make it down.

Vincent said...

I am a huge SOX fan trust me. I acctually just go offered a ticket to tonights game for face value. However there is no way in Hell I am miss this BC game. I want to watch BC's National Comming out party! If you live in Boston and even if you are a big Sox fan you should come to the Place. The Sox game will still be on and you know if its anything like last nights it will be over in the 5th anyway. The BC game is way more important!! LETS GO EAGLES!!!

DL said...

I'm sure Porters in DC will have it, as always. Upstairs, great crowd (although a few of the regulars are making the trip to Blacksburg).

SF John said...

San Jose

Double Ds in Los Gatos always devotes a television to Boston College. You will generally find at least two BC fans in attendance.

SF John

BrynMawrEagle said...

The Philadelphia BC Alumni Club will be holding a game watch at:

Flanigan's Boat House
113 Fayette Street

goldenstateeagle said...

Fans in SF have two options for those who can get out of work early.
Closer to the Financial distict -2032 Polk St (at Broadway). We had over 60 alums at 2032 for the ND game.
In the Misison district - Elixir at 3200 16th Street (at Guerrero).
Each bar will be showing both games.

jay said...

Los Angeles
(although I won't be there - I need to watch this thing in privacy)

2455 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 828-3960

eagles8 said...


Society Bar
535 Laguardia Place
(between Bleecker and W 3rd)

waitresses wearing flutie jerseys, tough to beat that

John said...

The only BC bar in town:

Finley Dunnes
3458 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657

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