Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Matty Heisman video and other links

The Heisman campaign is now rolling.

While BC's QB situation has been ideal, Virginia Tech's hasn't. Here is a piece on their much maligned Sean Glennon. Tech's preferred starter Tyrod Taylor remains questionable with a high ankle sprain.

One of Tech's best linebackers will also be out for our game.

Despite our success, TOB has no regrets about his move.


John said...

I thought I'd take this off week to send some info out on the Clemson game. We were looking for 1 away game to go to and Clemson looked like a great choice, but we couldn’t find any hotels out there (this was about 2 months ago). We almost bailed on the trip but instead decided to fly to Atlanta then take an RV up (2 hours). It actually turns out to be about the same price as 2 nights in a hotel + renting a car. If anyone else out there was looking to go to the game but wasn’t because of hotels, its an idea. We used Cruise America:
5960 Frontage Rd, Forest Park, GA
(404) 608-1883
Then there is a YMCA about a mile from the stadium that you can park at for the entire weekend for around $50 per RV - email Anna at: fafymca@hotmail.com
As of a about a month ago the BC ticket office still had tickets.
Hope to see some of you there (Bill you going to make the drive up?)

Brian said...

I'll also be attending the Clemson game. I decided to fly into Charlotte and rent a car (it's about a 2 hour drive).

Matty Ryan #1 in ESPN Heisman watch this week. Exciting.


Go Eagles!

James said...

I had to cancel my Clemson trip yesterday including a room at the Ramada in Clemson for Friday/Saturday night. Since they had a 30 day cancel policy it may be worth checking with them today to see what they have open for 30 days from now (the BC game weekend).

Matthew said...

who makes a video like that? Is it someone independent or someone with BC's marketing group?

eagleinexile said...

Its nice that the Sportswriter for VTech thinks that Glennon would do well against BC because of BC's poor pass defense. I love that pass defense is rated in yards only, because nobody seems to know what team leads the country in INTs.