Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Midweek links

Don't believe me that Herbstreit doesn't think much of BC? Watch this clip.

Heisman Pundit remains a doubter too. However, unlike a lot of pundits he has not moved onto the Dennis Dixon bandwagon. He'd still vote for Tebow!?!

Ian has a great line when talking about the FSU QB situation:

It's hard to tell what's worse: not being able to make the grade academically at Florida State or not being able to permanently wrest the starting QB job from Drew Weatherford- you can buy condoms in gas station bathrooms that are more reliable than Weatherford as a full-time starter.

Here is a basketball preview on ACC Nation. The link includes a podcast I did with them.

Finally, it is Wednesday, which means more people on the bandwagon at Ryan For Heisman. Another great photo shop effort from those guys.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Let's see how the rest of the season plays out, but as of right now, that's freakin ridiculous.

KHerb did say that if we win out, we should remain number 2, but "only because we already have a strangle hold over the slot."

I don't care about his vote, but it's maddening to think that his singular opinion could sway many of the provincial voters that have thus far been relatively Pro-BC.

Eagle in Brighton said...

I'm just hoping for an OSU loss at the Big House with some more Pac-10 attrition to make the Bowl picture clearer for some more questionable pundits...

With that said, we still have a long way to go: let's beat FSU soundly and make good on a late season run, or all this discussion could be for moot.

Brian said...

More "narrative" as Gunslinger would say from ESPN. Note the title of the latest bowl projections:

"Which team will face Ohio State?"

Laughable. Once again I'll say machines don't lie. There's a reason we are #1 in the computer polls. Human voters are too slow to catch up as they are deterred from processing this fact because of the garbage that Herbstreit spews out on national tv and the internet.

Big Jack Krack said...

Just doodling, and thinking that our game against FSU Saturday night is now our biggest game. If we were saying that the VT game and fantastic win was the "biggest in BC (modern) history" - the FSU game now becomes the biggest in BC History.

Remember what happened the next week at the Heights following the huge win against ND in 93 - a last minute loss to WVU. It really destroyed our season in terms of the bowl game.

I agree completely with Eagle in Brighton - "we still have a long way to go: let's beat FSU soundly and make good on a late season run, or all this discussion could be moot".

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's keep our eyes on the prize - Go BC - Beat FSU.

Nothing else matters at this point.

Brian said...

Jack - I would agree and say that if we keep winning, the next Saturday becomes the most important game in the BC modern era by virtue of the fact that we are vying for a National Championship in college football.

Go Eagles!

ClassO10 said...

Took the exact words out of my mouth Brian. But let's focus on FSU. They might not be the same Seminoles as we used to know, but they still have loads of talent. Let's go Eagles.

eagleinexile said...

No excuse for this, other than BC hatred. ASU? Are you kidding me. The one quality win they have is against a 3 loss Cal team. I would submit that BC's in over Wake is equivalent or better. Oregon? 'nuff said on those jokers. I can listen to the LSU/Oklahoma argument because people judge them based on talent level, which is probably overall better than BC, but each of them has lost to a team that is not that good. Colorado and Kentucky both look like Wake right about now (Colorado looks worse).

Bosco2BC said...

Bill - great chat on ACC Nation covering the basketball team.

eagleboston said...

Guys, don't worry about Herbstreit or the rankings or what the college football pundits think about BC. We are one loss away from irrelevance and all a win does is buy us one more week in the spotlight and one step cloer to winning the Atlantic.

Rankings are completely subjective. Kirk may be right. On the field, Arizona State, Oregon, LSU, etc may be able to beat us. We don't play them, so there is no way of knowing for sure.

Here's how to play this: enjoy the run while it lasts. Don't even think about the national championship or even the ACC at this point. Hell, we could win the Atlantic, get all excited and then face a pissed off Va Tech team that sends us to a low-level bowl. Even worse, we could lose a couple here and get passed by Wake.

Just take things one day at a time and forget about rankings, pundits, Heisman's and championships. The only thing we should be talking about is beating Florida State on Saturday.

Brian said...

Not sure where's Schlabach was going with this article, but this headline doesn't sound like great press.

"BC's Silva scours trash cans, Dumpsters for hidden treasures"

Brian said...

eagleboston - if we win the Atlantic and lose to a pissed off VTech team in the ACC Championship, we won't go to a low-level bowl. In fact, we might even be in line to grab the BCS at large.

eagleboston said...

Brian, if we are still in the BCS you are right. My point was that there is lot of football to be played and everyone is freaked out about the rankings and the BCS. Just enjoy this great season and hope BC can beat Florida State. Then, on Sunday, we'll start thinking about Maryland.