Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday links

More love for Matt Ryan.

BC will only be facing one of Florida State's QBs as the team suspended Xavier Lee for the game.

The second part of this post references Anthony Castonzo's rep on the team. (Thanks to Matt for the heads up.)

Background on that new Reebok commercial.

Part of me feared the rumors that Steve Logan was going to be Duke's primary target for their new head coach after the season. I don't think he'd be interested, mainly because of stunts like this. As long as Coach K is around Duke will not be serious about football.


Brian said...

The media machine that is ESPN thinks that we'll either a) drop 1 of our final four regular season games but win the ACC or b) somehow be overtaken by LSU or Oregon for the BCS #2 spot this week.

Bowl projections - Orange Bowl x2


Brian said...

Also, Pat Forde thinks Ryan is the #1 gunslinger this week.


eagleinexile said...

It's official, Herbstreit is going to call the game along with Musberger. Should be interesting that Kirk ditches the Gameday scene in Eugene to come East. He won't be able to do GameDay Final from Autzen stadium unless he catches a Concord flight to Portland.

Eagle in Brighton said...

BC just inked Nick Clancy, a solid LB prospect for our 2008 class.

No Beal, but this kid sounds legit.

It will be interesting to see how BC's on the field success translates into recruiting.

Welcome Nick, and Go Eagles!

Brian said...

Herbstreit + Musberger calling the game sounds like my worst nightmare. Good thing I'm heading up to the Heights this weekend.

Go Eagles!

BCNorCal07 said...

Jags and Co. also got a verbal from solid Maryland DT Bryan Murray, who appears to be more of a BJ Raji, Ron Brace type nose tackle.

Eagle in Brighton said...

AOL Fanhouse picked up Tim Russert's addition to the Matt Ryan Heisman campaign: http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/2007/10/30

Eagle in Brighton said...

Btw: For all those BC brethren going to the game Saturday night, WEAR GOLD.


Perhaps not a "Gold Out" a la Penn St., but some solidarity for the huge ABC game would be solid with the national audience.

Sujit said...

Im a little skeptical about showing solidarity with uniform colors and such due to its unsuccessful appearances at schools like ND, VTech and coincidentally FSU (black for Miami game). It just hasn't been BC's style (outside of the Yellow Superfan shirts, which are great). Plus, Gold is a color that the Noles share as well. Happy to hear the argument for it though...I'd just be happy with BC fans getting to the game on time (something I never did went I went to school there two years ago) and rooting like crazy for a big win.

ToTheHeights said...

FYI New Herbstreit video on espn college football homepage

ATL_eagle said...

See -- he doesn't even have BC in his Top 5.

ToTheHeights said...

You got me. His rankings are way off and it is not helping anything.

Brian said...

I watched Herbstreit on ESPN Sportscenter pre-Virginia Tech game. He said that if we won @ VTech he'd move us into his top 3. Liar. :p

Brian said...

Just watched the Herbstreit video. Garbage.

Big Jack Krack said...

I say this very respectfully. Let's not fall into this trap.

As I have said in the past, let's get back to the matter at hand - preparing for Florida State - they are still very dangerous.

Let's not care about Herbstreit, or any of these other guys - we're better than this - we're above this. - May, Corso, Simmons. Cowherd, Bob (Traitor) Ryan, Mandel, Smith, Howard, etc. let them have their opinions (for now) - why waste time on sports commentators who have their own agenda?

I'm expecting a tough game, and our players and coaches need all of our support and positive energy to win THIS GAME.

Let's stop talking about running the table, etc as we have seen on some of the other posts - please.