Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shipping up to Boston Jacksonville

Can you believe it? Not the prettiest game, but who cares about style points when you win your division. Hats off to the D and my recent whipping boy Frank Spaziani. I am sure when I watch it back I'll have a few nits to pick, but holding Clemson to 17 at home is a major accomplishments. The offense had some rough patches, but also did what they needed.

I'll have plenty of posts throughout Sunday. My pictures, second viewing thoughts and I hope YouTube video and pics from when the team arrives back on campus.

Now if you are even considering the trip to the ACC championship, throw caution to the wind and do it.


McCabe said...

What a win. How can anyone have a complaint about this game? On the road at Clemson with the efense all banged up...this was a big time win. I figured the season was done after last week's loss. It was great to see Callender keep the chains moving. The way he has played this year you wonder why he'd been platooning the last two years with Whitworth. I'm happy what can I say. Great win.

eagleboston said...

Actually Callender blossomed under the new strength and conditioning program. He trimmed down but added strength and that is why he has pretty much shut out Whitworth.

In fact, the entire team just seems stronger deep in the 4th quarter. BC's offense moved at will on Clemson and our defense made just enough stops.

Now, I know we will be resting guys, but I want to beat Miami. 10-2 sounds so much better than 9-3.

BCNorCal07 said...

I watched with a grad school classmate who is a huge Clemson fan (not too many ACC folks in Omaha) and before the game started I told her that Clemson's best chance was to have Spiller and Davis run over our D. I thought that if Harper had to throw more than 35 times, the Tigers were in trouble.

Guess what, Clemson actually (ie, without sacks) ran for 62 yards and Harper threw 40 times. That's not the way their offense works and our front seven did a fantastic job of shutting down the run game. A huge game from Herzy, McLaughlin, Silva, and the whole D-line. I just hope that Albright will be healthy for the ACCCG and the bowl game.


Sean said...

The fact that Ty Hall is a division 1 football player yet alone a starter is an absolute joke. They need to get this guy out of the game, how many holding calls to negate big plays is it going to take.

eagleinexile said...

I have not posted in a while for a variety of reasons, but one of them is that everyone here pretty much covers all my bases.

For gorunded realism with muted optimism, there's eagleboston's posts.

If you're feeling "glass is half empty", which it has been lately, just look for Bravesbill

And if you want big picture coupled with positive energy,there's bcnorcal07.

So, most everything that needs saynig gets said. However, opinions are like a-holes, and I always have one. We need to beat Miami to guarante a decent bowl. Going to the title game guarantees the Music City Bowl at a minimum, but if anyone is going to get raked by the Bowl organizers, it's BC. 6-2 in the conference means that FSU,GT and NCSTATE, Maryland or Miami cannot jump us, (if we beat the U, they're out anyway, ala last year). Wake would be within one win, but they are as unpopular with Bowls as we are, maybe even more so. So that would leave Clemson and the UVA/VT loser as the teams that could jump us IF we beat Miami. Now, I know big picture, that resting the guys in order to win the Title game is more important because then you do not worry about Bowl-hopping, but VT looks pretty scary these days. Go CAVs!

Sr.Atlanta said...

Like you said, not a pretty win but a win nonetheless!! Clemson is a great atmosphere to see a game and the Clemson fans are first class. (may change if we keep beating them!) Taking the BC bus from ATL was also great. Thanks to Kyla and Mike for organizing.

How many times has BC been to a conference championship? Not in my lifetime, so what's your excuse for not going? BE IN J'VILLE!!!

And oh yeah it would be nice to beat Miami for the 1st time since the Flutie pass!

FYI- BC Men's soccer just won BC's first ACC title!

Go Eagles!!

Stephen said...

Doesn't making it to the ACC Championship guarantee that we are the 2nd place team in the ACC? I believe that that guarantees at least the Chick Fil-A Bowl(Peach Bowl). Or does it go by BCS ranking? I have been wondering this so hopefully someone can answer.

Big Jack Krack said...

See "Y'all" there - I wouldn't miss this one. Treated my wife and myself to VIP seats in Section 209.

I think everyone who can make it should do so.

Let's give this team and these coaches and this school our "best foot forward" support.