Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Soccer reminder

The ACC Champion men's soccer team begins their march to the NCAA title with a game at home against UMass tonight. You can see the boys in person on the Newton campus or listen online at


I'm M said...

Also, dont forget to catch BC Mens Basketall in their biggest test of the season tonight so far at 7PM EST on ESPNU against Michigan. Hopefully, the Eagles can continue the spanking the ACC has been putting on the Big Ten lately. GO BC!!!

Vincent said...

Hey just checked and flights are about $320 round trip from boston. Not bad.

JOC BC07 said...

Roundtrips from Chicago... $247!!!!!!!

one-ways on USair arriving in Jax at 1114 am for $168 a piece.

The one-way return flight on AirTran leaves JAX at 730 that same night for $79 a piece.

That way, its $247 per round trip.

Pretty reasonable, even for a broke 2007 grad like myself.

Big Jack Krack said...

Pretty chilly night for this soccer game - good luck Eagles.

Night games in late November?

Sr.Atlanta said...

Too bad... the soccer team lost! 2-1. They suffered a lot of injuries in the ACC tourney. Obviously it hurt them. Biggest bummer is BC was seeded #1!!