Friday, November 16, 2007

The Trouble With Tribble

If you didn't read it elsewhere, Tribble is out for Clemson and the remainder of the regular season. He hasn't played well defensively the past two games, but it is still a loss for the BC D. Punt return is a different story. Tribble has been bad this year returning punts. He is too quick to let the ball roll and has faircaught the vast majority of punts he does field. Just look at the stats.

Through 10 games, BC has only returned 10 punts. That is the lowest in the ACC. The only other BCS team that has only returned 10 punts is Syracuse and the Orange's D is so bad they have barely been punted to.

Not only did Tribble fail to attempt many returns, the returns he made have generated very little yardage. His 10 returns have gone for just 47 yards for a 4.7 yard average. The only BCS teams with worse average returns are Iowa State and the beleaguered Syracuse.

I hope Tribble comes back strong in the bowl game but I think Silva, Challenger or Mulrooney (the likely candidates to return punts) will be an improvement.


downtown_resident said...

I assume you are trying to find the silver lining, otherwise I can't see how losing one of the best defensive backs in BC history and replacing him with a true freshman is a good thing. Let's hope Gause can play the game of his life.

LAEagle said...

he is clearly not saying it is good that tribble is hurt. be that as it may, tribble has added NOTHING to the D the last couple of games. If i had to choose between losing dunbar or tribble, i'd chose tribble in a heartbeat. It's good to hear out LBs (hopefully not playing too injured) will be out there for us tomorrow.

eagle1331 said...

Silva is returning punts but probably will only fair catch them... dunbar is 50/50 on playing... gause is in at db with pruitt..

TMDavin said...

Like the Star Trek reference.