Saturday, December 08, 2007

Band: "We're going to DisneyWorld"

Mini-controversy averted as the full band will now be at the Champs Bowl. Makes things a little more expensive for BC but those kids deserve a nice trip, too. In honor of the Orlando vacation maybe they should do a little Disney medley during the game -- "It's a Small World," "Pirates Life for Me," etc. -- instead of "Sweet Caroline."


jesuitHOOPS said...

this is a no-brainer. I was at the 2004 NCAA Tournament in Milwaukee when BC played their first round out there. Instead of sending the pep band, they hired the Marquette Band to be the musical representatives for us. They sent out Maroon BC polos and the sheet music to "For Boston" and then collected the shirts at the end of the weekend. I kid you not.

It was very surreal to hear the BC fight song played by the Marquette band.

GREAT decision to send the band to Florida.

Kristen said...

So glad to see that my fellow bandos are getting a nice trip for once! In my four years at BC they never sent the full band out to a bowl (in fact, my freshman year when they had the option of full band or no band, they sent no one!). When my turn finally came for a trip my senior year, I ventured to exotic Boise. Nice to see that Athletics can appreciate the work the band puts in each Game Day, regardless of how well or poorly the team is playing.